What are the Checklists to Counter Downfall of Organic Traffic?

What are the Checklists to Counter Downfall of Organic Traffic?


Suppose you are a content marketer or a website owner. Your website is growing exceptionally well and getting traffic from various domains. Suddenly, the organic traffic drops, and you could not understand why? 

You can blame Google because of recent changes in the algorithm. However, SEO experts in Kolkata and others said there might be some other confusion. 

Now, how will you sort this out? This is a big question! 

Believe it or not, it’s like a cakewalk! 

See the following checklists to counter the downfall of organic traffic. 

What is organic traffic? 

Organic traffic refers to those visitors visiting your website from freely accessible sources. These sources commonly are Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. Now, let’s gain your organic traffic back. 

1) Keyword Ranking Check

Sometimes the keyword ranking issues lead to a drop in organic traffic. Suppose you run a digital marketing business selling clothes. Google will show your site when a person searches for “trendy clothes online.” After searching, when he opens your website, he becomes the visitor. 

However, suddenly, your site from the first page of Google drops. It started showing on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th page. As a result, fewer people are visiting your site. 

It’s possible that your keyword ranking decreased because Google changed its algorithms. Also, your site can be penalized, and the reason could be anything for less keyword ranking. These fall in keyword ranking as your website is not ranking on the first page, resulting in a drop in organic traffic. 

2) Search Engine Result Page

Checking your search engine result page landscape can help you determine the cause behind organic traffic. You won’t believe it, but several changes on SERP can affect your website, including organic traffic.

3) Check Your Tracking Code

Sometimes, your website’s organic traffic can fall because of unreliable data. The tracking code of your website is the most common reason behind that. If you change the website codes or analytics plug-ins, you may have to face issues with the tracking code. 

So, it will keep you safe if you look at the tricky areas or verify the tracking codes of your site before anything else. Also, keep in mind that you should install the tracking code first. You can also know whether the tracking code is working correctly by following a few steps. 

4) Losing Backlinks 

Many experts, including SEO experts in Kolkatasuggest checking backlinks to deal with organic traffic. They also play an essential factor in preventing when your site drops organic traffic. These backlinks can be lost if your destination URL is broken, and you can identify this with the help of tracking tools. 

Here, you have to take action against them and reform the backlinks, and this will help you gain your organic traffic once again. 

5) Check for Technical Issues

If you have made any technical changes to your site, it can drop your organic traffic.

  • Indexation – When Google’s Index removes your pages, it can cause a drop in organic traffic. Your page will no longer appear on the search result page. 
  • Crawl Errors – Sometimes, the broken pages, redirect issues, server errors, etc., can cause crawl errors. These crawl error URLs won’t be indexed. 
  • Manual Actions – Your page or site can be removed from Google’s Index if you get manual actions penalties from Google employees. 
  • Site Down – Lastly, if your site is offline for some hours or days, it will lower your traffic numbers. Forgetting domain license removal, security breaches, server issues, etc., can increase site downtime. 

Thus, it would be better if you had support for a digital marketing business website or your blog site. 


Panicking will not help you anymore, and organic traffic drop is a common problem. But the best thing is that you can sort this out. So, stop panicking and start working! 

Here, we hope that the checklists provided in this article will help you understand why your site drops organic traffic. You should follow this when your site is dealing with organic traffic issues, which will keep your frustration away.