Top Digital Marketing News for March 2015

Facebook Announces the Embedded Video Player: With this announcement, you can easily add videos on your websites and blog, provided the video is posted publicly.  Twitter Launches Live Streaming App, Periscope:  The new iOS app will let you broadcast live videos. Your followers will be instantly notified once the live streaming starts in real time.  Instagram Announces New App, Layout:  This new app allows you to combine multiple images into one image. It’s available to iOS users, but the Android version is coming soon.  Twitter and Foursquare Partner to Add Location to Tweets:  Twitter teamed up with Foursquare to offer additional location information along with your tweet. YouTube Introduces Cards:  YouTube cards inform about videos, playlists, merchandise and more to your viewers. These cards also work on mobile devices.  Facebook Introduces Topic Data:  Facebook launched Topic data that lets marketers watch what their audiences are saying on Facebook about their brands, while keeping personal data private. LinkedIn Relaunches Sponsored InMail:  LinkedIn revamped their Sponsored InMail feature. Now it’s a more personalized way to send the message across directly to the LinkedIn inbox. Facebook Removes Inactive Accounts From Page Likes:  Facebook announced that they are going to remove deactivated or idle Facebook accounts to show the right Like count for a page.  New York Times to Publish ‘One-Sentence Stories’ On Apple Watch The New York Times confirmed that they will publish “one-sentence stories” to Apple Watch.  Instagram Unveils Clickable Carousel Ads:  Instagram introduces new carousel ads to help brands share more photos with people, who would be truly interested in their content.  Twitter Announces Embeddable Videos:  Twitter announced embeddable video widget. You can now embed any Twitter-hosted video on your website or blog.  Google+ Splits into Photos and Streams Products:  Google+ is finally split into streams and photos. According to Google, this shift will bring positive improvements for both the network and its users.  Twitter Releases New Tool For Curating Best Tweets: Curator will help you curate the best updates on a particular topic, just to cut down the noise. It will show you the most relevant tweets.