Top 9 Indian Accounts That are Doing Content Marketing Well

We are living in an age of content overload. If you look around, you will see everyone trying to master the art of content marketing. But only a few have mastered it. For these brands, content marketing is not about getting lucky once or twice. It’s about nailing it every time. 

Here’s a rundown of 9 Indian social accounts that are consistently doing great. So, we thought to dig deeper and share some of their success stories with you.

1) Oreo India:

Cadbury’s cookie brand Oreo has successfully cracked the code to keep their audience engaged with their content. The challenges were greater, as when they entered the Indian market, it was already dominated by popular brands like Britannia and Parle. One of their successful brand awareness campaigns was #DailyDunks where they shared a new piece of content based on latest trends and popular culture. Since the launch of the campaign, Oreo India added 788,137 fans in the 3 months of sharing Daily Dunks.

2) Amul:

9 out of 10 brands will shy out, if you ask them to take a stand on a social issue. But Amul, famous for their topical stories, is definitely an exception. Be it any cause or issue, Amul is always there with its opinion. 

And you will find the ever-green Amul girl in each of their content, as if she is conveying the story from her perspective. This makes the brand different from others. One of the viral content in the recent times by the brand is the video diary marking PM Modi’s 69th birthday.

3) Zomato India:

The food delivery platform knows how to tug at your heartstrings with its design and copy. 

Their recent social media interactions promoting ghar ka khaana became viral and the brand’s anti-marketing strategy hit all the right buttons. 

Guys, kabhi kabhi ghar ka khana bhi kha lena chahiye

— Zomato (@ZomatoIN) July 3, 2019

The tweet and its popularity caught the attention of many Indian brands and they soon started coming up with tweets along the same lines. Zomato responded to these tweets in a cheeky way. 

Guys, kabhi kabhi khud ke acche tweet bhi soch lene chahiye.

— Zomato (@ZomatoIN) July 8, 2019

4) Ola 

Ola’s Peeke Mat Chala campaign launched on Christmas Eve was a unique way to encourage Indians to enjoy the holiday season in a responsible way. The tweets were illegible and the Twitterati initially thought that may be an intern at Ola was drunk tweeting.

And then came the tweet with the message promoting safe driving

They collaborated with AIB for the campaign. AIB posted a video promoting the message on its Facebook page and the video received over 31k views, 2k positive reactions, and 280 shares in a very short time. 

5) FlipKart:

Their videos deserve a special mention here. They are funny, topical and highly engaging. FlipKart is one of those pioneer Indian online brands which adopted TVCs as a primary player for their content marketing. 

Be it a new offer or a service announcement, Flipkart’s unique storytelling makes you smile almost everytime. And most of the ads feature child actors, which essentially increases the ads’ likability factor. 

6) HP India:

Be it their viral Diwali campaign #TuJashnBan or Last Minute Laddoo – HP India’s stories leave a stronger imprint. #TuJashnBan was an initiative by the brand to promote local street vendors. It was released on various digital platforms of HP India; it went viral with over 2.3 million views and 60,000 + shares in just 2 days.

The Last Minute Laddoo is a funny way to connect with the young parents and inform them the benefits of having an HP Printer at home. 

7) Swiggy:

From sharing funny memes and mouth-watering food photos to posting stories that show they care for their delivery partners – Swiggy knows how to build human connections.Their #WhatsInAName was different; the approach wasn’t over the top but was precise and hit the right notes with the audience. 

From the viral #10yearchallenge and the “really” meme to posting on monumental news events – the brand’s social content taps the latest trends with a swiggy-ish touch.

8) OLX India:

From the ever-enjoyable womaniya ad to OLX Dekha Hai? campaign – their simple yet memorable content pieces help users understand why OLX is the place for them to sell things they don’t need anymore. 

9) Wakefit: 

‘Sleep Internship’ – one of the most viral campaigns of 2019 by Wakefit promoted the importance of a good night’s sleep in a never-heard-of way. It offered to pay ‘sleep interns’ ₹1 lakh for sleeping at the job! Yes, the interns were expected to sleep for 9 hours on the Wakefit mattresses. Their social media content promoting the campaign was unique as we saw the co-founder of the company sharing interesting sleep facts in an equally interesting way.

Note: this list has been updated recently. You can get the full list of campaigns here