Top 8 Mother’s Day Campaigns in 2014

The mother-child relationship is as old as mankind; however the day that officially celebrates the specialness of the bond reached 100th year on May 9th. This year we’ve seen a slew of heartwarming ads – each telling a gripping story that will move you to tears. Over here we’ve rounded up some of the most touching and heartfelt Mother’s Day campaigns that we came across. Let’s start with the tearjerkers.  

• Google Glass’s Mother’s Day Video ‘Seeds’ –

The film, recorded using Google Glass, depicts the journey of a young man from San Francisco to a remote village in India to surprise his mom with a hidden envelope. To know what’s inside the envelope watch the video. 

P.S – Don’t watch if you hate tearjerkers.

• P & G’s What I See –

For a mother, her child will always remain special. The touching and heartfelt video stars Special Olympics athlete Molly Hincka and her mother Kerry recounting the days when Molly was diagnosed with developmental delay. When the doctors informed that Molly could never walk or talk, she told herself “No, I don’t believe that and I am not going to let that happen.” A mother’s love never gives up – the message that lies at the heart of this powerful ad – is easy to relate to. story, though simply told, will tug at your heartstrings. It’s another tearjerker.  

• Frankfurt Airport’s Call Your Mom Worldwide Campaign –

The passengers and visitors at the airport could talk to their moms for 3 minutes free of charge, no matter which part of the globe they lived in. There was a special ‘Mother’s Day Phone’ in terminal 2. There were other activities as well; moms were gifted a relaxed day at the visitors’ terrace where they enjoyed neck massages, got their skin checked and no we didn’t forget to add free sparkling wine to the list.  

• Starbucks and Oprah’s Mother’s Day Campaign –

The campaign narrated by Oprah celebrates all kinds of moms – from she’s-got-all-the-answers moms, had-me-young-but-made-it-work mom to same sex moms. This new TV spot for the coffee giant’s Oprah Chai Tea asks viewers to bring their mothers in on for a free Teavana Oprah Chai.

• LG Electronics ‘Inner Voice’ Campaign –

Everyone has secrets and moms are no different. LG’s campaign celebrates moms differently. Their webpage #momconfessions encourages moms to share their survival tactics and hidden secrets such as telling the kids to take a nap so that mommy can read her book during the day without any interruption. “This campaign celebrates the everyday moments and inner dialogue that we believe all moms can relate to, and we want to show women that LG understands them and our home appliances provide real benefits to today’s busy families,” said David VanderWaal, head of marketing for LG Electronics USA. “Our products stand for innovation and convenience. Simply put, we feel LG’s appliances clean better, cook better, work better and look better, making them a great partner for moms everywhere.”

• Ebay’s Every Mom’s A Hero –

The ebay shoppers got a chance to win amazing gifts for their moms; all they had to do was share stories of their superhero moms. 

• “Mother’s Day Stories: You, Your Mom & Coach” –

The campaign by the luxury leather goods company encouraged the users to share their Coach related mother-daughter stories. The campaign launched with stories from fashion bigwigs such as Gretchen Gunlocke Fenton, accessories director at Glamour magazine; Eva Chen of Teen Vogue; and Lauren Sherman of  

• Metlife’s #Moem Social Media Campaign –

Write a poem within 110 characters and express your love for your mom. For every #Moem posted on Facebook or Twitter MetLife Foundation will make a $10 donation to the Dress for Success Financial Literacy Program which is designed to help low-income women learn how to manage their finances wisely, handle debt, invest wisely and much more. Metlife has also designed an app #MoemMaker to help users on the creative front.     


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