5 tips for creating a high-converting PPC landing page

5 tips for creating a high-converting PPC landing page

Are you not happy with the performance of your PPC Landing Page? Do you feel your Landing Page is missing some essential elements? If yes, then this article is for you! 

As a top-tier ppc management company in Kolkata, we have compiled a list of 5 important tips which can help you to create a high-converting PPC landing page.

A landing page is the last step before a website visitor becomes a customer, It provides an opportunity for the advertiser to exchange information with the visitor in return for something such as a free download, an e-book, a special deal, or a discount coupon.

Here are the most crucial 5 tips to create result-oriented Landing Pages suggested by the best PPC agency in Kolkata:


1. Design Landing Pages on the basis of search intent

Your landing page should not only look attractive but should be containing an ad copy which needs to reflect the search intent of the visitors. Audiences should get answers to their query through your landing page. A well-designed landing page considers the pain points of the audiences and suggests how the service provider can help to overcome the issues.


2. Test your landing pages

When you are conducting a split test, focus on highlighting your unique selling proposition (USP) along with other information about your product and service which you think makes your offering stand out from the competition. Choose a headline that can make the audience more curious, give attention to images and a smartly placed call to action. 

As per studies and reports a smartly optimized landing page can contribute to increasing sales by 10% to 50%. These percentages can vary from time to time therefore it is important to measure the effectiveness of your landing page through A/B testing and analytics.


3. Clear CTA

A clear call to action is an important component of a highly effective PPC landing page. It carries a specific instruction that encourages online visitors to take a specific action such as downloading an ebook, signing up for a daily/weekly newsletter, or making a purchase. The CTA is the epicenter that takes audiences towards the desired destination.


Here are some reasons why a CTA plays an important role in crafting a productive PPC landing page:

  • Guides user behaviour: A cleanly crafted CTA provides visitors with a clear picture of what they need to do next.
  • Amplifies Visibility: An engaging CTA should be created with vibrant colors, big fonts, and should be placed nicely to catch the attention of the online audience.
  • Encourages a sense of urgency: When a CTA carries a sense of fear of missing out on something productive it pushes audiences to take action. Use of words like “Exclusive time offer”, “Limited time discount”, “only available today” and “exclusive deal” can create a sense of criticality and significance.
  • Conveys unique selling proposition: Should express the value and benefits a user shall receive by taking the advised action.
  • Mobile Responsive: These days 80% of people are available on mobile screens. Therefore, the PPC landing page and CTA should be clearly visible on smartphones and tablets.



4. Persuasive and Attractive Landing page headlines and Ad copy

An ad copy is the first point of contact in between you and your online audience. Therefore, the language and words should be chosen carefully so that it reflects what the audience have searched for. A perfectly articulated ad copy should be able to grab the attention, create interest, maintain relevance, focus on benefits and induces a sense of urgency.


5. Initiate trust

Online audiences when reaching your landing page through the PPC ad, usually don’t have much idea about your brand and products. Therefore developing credibility is important to defeat doubt or uncertainty among the audiences and persuade them to take the desired action like submission of the contact information or making a purchase.


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