The Intersection of Accessibility and SEO

The Intersection of Accessibility and SEO

In the modern digital age, the integration of Accessibility and SEO has become essential for website owners and businesses. Accessibility from the viewpoint of a website is the practice of creating websites and digital content in such a way that it can be accessed by all including individuals with disabilities namely neurological, physical, visual, auditory and cognitive.

On the other side, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), focuses on making the website visible to search engines and to all users including individuals with disabilities. Therefore as an SEO specialist, in this article we will explain the importance of Accessibility and SEO in the digital world and also point out how these two areas combine to offer a comprehensive and optimised digital experience for all users.

Understanding Accessibility

Let us focus on and understand, How accessibility is important to make the web experience reachable to everyone including people with disabilities:

Web accessibility is the designing and development of websites and applications with a vision to make them available for everyone including people who are physically challenged. Here are some of the most common accessibility challenges:

  • Hearing disabilities
  • Visual Impairment
  • Cognitive Issues
  • Cognitive impairments

About Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

To make web content more accessible the Worldwide Consortium has introduced some essential guidelines to make web content more accessible through an extensive framework which includes instructions for software developers and designers which should be followed to make the website more understandable, easy, and robust for all users including people with disabilities. 

Making the web accessible to all results in higher engagement, better customer experience, and enhanced brand reputation. A better accessible website offers improved search engine rankings as they obey the SEO guidelines which brings better visibility and increased traffic to the website.

Intersection of Accessibility and SEO

The intersection of Accessibility and SEO on Digital Marketing platforms plays a very important role in generating web presence, web traffic and visibility. 

Designing websites and creating content with a view to making it reachable to everyone defines Accessibility.

Whereas SEO helps with website optimization to enhance the ranking of the site on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) to increase visibility and organic traffic.

Both concepts follow a common goal, therefore combining both SEO & Accessibility offer various benefits to users and website owners.

Importance of Accessibility as an SEO Factor

Search engines prefer those websites in their rankings that adhere to their instructions and policies, And Accessibility is one of the most essential requirements. Search engines focus to provide the best experience to their users to increase their hold on the market therefore they rank higher those websites which comply with the accessibility requirements.

As a top SEO company in Kolkata here are some methods through which Accessibility supports SEO:

  • An accessible website for all results in an increase in conversion rates, reducing bounce rates and longer user engagements.
  • Offering accessibility to all expands the website’s reach to wider audiences.
  • Accessible websites have well-structured content which supports search engines to understand the content, index the page and finally rank the page.
  • Accessible sites follow the guidelines of the World Wide Consortium such as the use of Alt Text for Images and the correct use of headings to affect SEO results in a positive way.

Here are some of the Accessibility strategies that align with best SEO practices:

  • Descriptive alt tags for images provide dual benefits for a website, on one hand, it helps users with visual impairment to access the site properly and on the other side it helps search engines identify the images and rank and index them accordingly.
  • The use of H1, H2, H3 etc headlines helps a user access the site with a screen reader and also supports search engines to understand the content structure in order to index and rank the page.
  • Using descriptive link text not only helps users access websites through screen readers but also helps search engines understand the link.

Below are some important examples to improve both Accessibility and SEO:

  • Developing a responsive website to adapt to various screens like smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops guarantees accessibility on a wider scale to everyone.
  • Descriptive URLs help users who are using a screen reader to access the website and also assist search engines to have a better understanding of the nature of the URL.
  • The websites that load quickly help users with slow internet speeds to access the web, and also enhance their SEO strategy as page load speed is one of the ranking factors for search engines.
  • The use of Schema markup language enables search engines to understand the website content which can create more chances of ranking on SERPs.

Benefits of Accessibility-Driven SEO

A business can gain several benefits by making its website accessible to all, Some of the most essential benefits are given below:

  • Website Accessibility guarantees longer duration visits, an increase in engagement, higher conversion rates, lower bounce rates, and growth in organic traffic. 
  • Accessibility for all users promotes referral traffic and social media platform engagement.
  • Due to easy access and navigation over the website, Visitors keep coming back to consume information or purchase products offered by the business owner. This helps in building brand reputation. 
  • In some countries, it is a legal requirement to make your website accessible to all users including disabled individuals. Therefore committing to the regulations and policies of the government a business builds a positive image and reputation among the general public which enhances brand visibility.

Challenges and Considerations

SEO specialists suggest that combining Accessibility and SEO Practices for a website can be a challenging process which includes Technical challenges, managing the equilibrium between SEO and accessibility, countering legal and ethical requirements, and monitoring SEO and accessibility efforts. Let’s understand all these challenges briefly:

Technical Aspects

The technical challenges to making a website accessible involve adding alt text details, using semantic markup language and placing captions for videos. Whereas SEO involves factors like fixing title tags, implanting meta descriptions and structuring proper headings. Managing all these technical aspects becomes very difficult with large volumes and content and complex CMS functionalities.

Equilibrium between SEO and Accessibility

Approaching the right balance between SEO and Accessibility can be tricky sometimes, For example, descriptive headings may be useful for people with disabilities but it is not the best practice from the perspective of SEO as from the SEO point of view headings should be crisp with proper keywords.

Legal Considerations

Websites need to abide by the state or national laws of the country for Accessibility, failing to do that may result in serious consequences for the businesses.

Supervising SEO and Accessibility 

Managing SEO and Accessibility practices for a website is a continuous process as search engines bring in regular updates for Accessibility and SEO policies. The process involves aspects like measuring SEO performance, keeping an eye on regular updates etc.


Implementing Accessibility in SEO campaigns enhances a website’s performance, visibility, and user experience and also improves search rankings. An enhanced user experience helps in generating organic traffic and brand awareness. 

The Accessibility and SEO route also involves various challenges like Technical Aspects, Managing equilibrium between SEO and Accessibility, Legal Considerations and Supervising SEO and Accessibility aspects.

It is essential for businesses and website owners to understand the importance of accessibility and implement it in their SEO campaigns to create a wide range of audience.


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