Social Media Flaps of April

It’s not always the extraordinarily good campaigns that go viral on social web. Even the bad ones get their fair share of comments, dislikes, tweets and mentions. Remember #AskJPM or Tesco “off to hit the hay” campaigns

April – The Month of Social Media Disasters & Embarrassment 

Everyone welcomed April with Fool’s Day, but some brands took it seriously and acted like fools on social media platforms. Here’s a roundup of social media gaffes for the month of April.  

US Airways Tweeted An X-Rated Image To A Dissatisfied Customer 

It was supposed to be like an everyday and regular customer interaction. Instead it became the most talked and laughed about stuff on the social web. Here’s what happened when @ElleRafter tweeted on Monday her displeasure when her plane sat on tarmac.  

 After what seemed like an apology, the airline asked  @ElleRafter  to contact the customer service team via a link which led her to a photograph showing a naked woman with a toy plane. What’s even more surprising was, just about a minute later, another customer was led to the same image after she complained about a delayed flight on Twitter. Daily Mail reported that the tweet was actually sent out to 418,000 Twitter users who follow US Airways.  

Instead, they received  a flurry of pictures that screamed of police torture and brutality . They were flooded with more than 10, 000 negative responses within a span of few hours. 

 However, not all of the photos sent in response to ##myNYPD were negative. Some featured smiling faces as well.  

 Did we miss any campaigns here? Don’t agree with the list? Tell us in comments.  


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