Small & Medium Sized Businesses (SMB) : Not To Miss Digital Marketing Stats In 2015

 The digital landscape has opened up an entire gamut of opportunities for small and medium businesses. In a survey by BrightLocal 37% of SMBs plan to spend more on internet marketing in 2015. Here we’ve outlined 15 digital marketing stats that SMBs/ agencies working for SMBs can’t afford to miss.  

Social Media for SMBs 

1) It’s the most used marketing tool by SMBs, according to a report by Waspbarcode.  

 2) 74.5 % SMBs reported using social media to promote their business, according to Biakelsey.  

 3) 23% of the SMB owners cited social media as an effective marketing strategy outranking print/radio ads, according to a report by Infusionsoft 

 4) Social media usage is closely associated with the presence of a website, according to the Infusionsoft report.  

Social Media Channel for SMBs 

5) Facebook’s an important part of a company’s marketing strategy, as per the Waspbarcode report. 

SEO for SMBs

6) Almost half of SMBs are doing SEO, according to the Small Business Survey by Clutch.  

 7) Traffic from search engines is the number one metric used by small businesses to measure SEO success, as per the Clutch report.  

 8) Most of the SMBs that outsource their SEO work are happy with their agencies.  

 9) According to the agencies working for SMBs, the most in demand service in 2015 would be SEO.  

 10) 20% find SEO to be the most effective channel at attracting new customers, according to the Brightlocal survey.  

 11) Low cost is the most important factor when choosing an SEO consultant / agency.  


12) Mobile and online reviews will affect the SMBs most in the coming months, according to a survey by Can Capital published in the later part of 2014.  

Website for SMBs

13) 59% SMBs believe their website is an integral part of their business.  

 14) 36% of online marketing budget was allocated to website development, according to the report by HubShout  

 15) 51% of websites for small businesses are priced between $1,500 – $4,000, as per the HubShout report.  

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