Questions for 2x More Effective Digital Marketing In 2020

The following questions can help you understand the need of an organized approach towards digital in 2020.

If “No” is the answer to 1 or more questions, we can help your team with our digital marketing planner 2020.  


1. Do you have one KPI for marketing and digital marketing? 

2. Have you changed the first 3Ps of marketing – products, pricing, and place with respect to digital?

3. Have you worked on digital culture (continuous & group learning using tech), a very powerful way to achieve more?

4. Do you have an inhouse video setup? An inhouse learning portal? 

5. Do you have 1:4+ ratio for social media budgeting, 1 for social media creative creation, 4 for reach? 

6. Have you tried the powerful Google to YouTube ads yet (The power of search/intent combined with the power of video, and lead form)? We expect videos to be new landing pages, Know More 

7. Do your filter your reach based on intent metrics and then hammer them with sequential video ads? Are you measuring sequence and frequency (a very powerful KPI for digital)?

8. Do you have a one-page plan for the year, yes one page is possible? “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” – Albert Einstein

9. Have you setup your fundamentals of execution, Digital KPI dashboard, weekly rhythm reviews, and goals?

 10. Have your mapped (TG-Channel-Message) to the customer journey? Customer Journey first channels second approach? 

There are many more questions, use our digital marketing planner 2020 to get your digital right.


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