New Update from Google: Promote Your Business on YouTube with 2 New Ways

New Update from Google: Promote Your Business on YouTube with 2 New Ways

Google announced in May 2023 two new campaign types to market your brand on Youtube with Google ads that are Video Views and Demand Generation. Both campaign types are primarily focused to help businesses reach their specific goals.


Video Views


Video Views campaigns can help businesses get maximum views on their videos on YouTube. You can target your ads to specific audiences such as YouTube searchers who have watched similar videos or who are interested in your products and services.


Additionally, the Video View campaign offers a variety of formats like skippable in-stream ads, short ads and in-feed ads to get the maximum out of your marketing budget.


Demand Generation


Businesses can get a lot of help to generate leads and sales from YouTube through the demand generation campaign. You can target your ads to people who are looking for the products and services offered by your brand and also the audiences who are at the early stage of the buying process.


The demand generation campaign will work across YouTube shorts, in-stream, discovery and in-feed. Within the demand generation campaign, you can create a look-alike segment based on the list of your existing customers.


The mentioned two new campaigns offer video-centric opportunities for advertisers to get more views and generate more demand.