Let’s Explore The Influence of Social Media On Business Marketing

Let’s Explore The Influence of Social Media On Business Marketing

2022 was a year of many changes, but one thing that remained constant was social media serving as the gateway for knowledge sharing, career advancement, and brand building. Consequently, many small business owners and large corporations turned to us as their social media agency in Kolkata to intensify their marketing efforts and generate buzz around their brand, product and services. 

With 4.62 billion people using social media worldwide, there is no doubt that it is an invaluable tool for sharing employee stories, highlighting the company’s values and vision, and creating emotional connections.

Going forward with this blog, we will explore the impact of social media on businesses and explain how to get started if you haven’t already. Let’s take a look at what follows first.

Top brands that are killing it on social media

Our social media marketing agency in Kolkata has compiled some of the most inspiring brands whose content makes us drool. Have a look.  

Starbucks: This iconic coffee brand knows how to hook its social media followers. With over 36 million followers on Facebook, 18 million on Instagram, and 11 million on Twitter, they have leveraged their offline branding success across digital channels. They upload thumb-stopping content of their delicious drinks and their customers enjoying them to increase engagement. 

Dove: Dove’s campaigns promote women’s empowerment, improve self-esteem, encourage people to share unfiltered and unedited pictures of themselves, and call out beauty stereotypes. As a result, the brand has earned the respect and loyalty of a large group of consumers.

Nike: By using athletes, players, and sports teams as the stars of their stories, they inspire their audiences to dream big and achieve their goals. Additionally, Nike addresses social causes, speaks its mind, and stands by its values, contributing to its social media success. 

Reasons why Social Media is an indispensable part of a marketing plan 

As a social media agency in Kolkata, we believe effective social media marketing is vital to transform your business from a dark horse to a worldwide brand.

Here’s why:

  1. Creates brand awareness

Companies can share their brand story, explain why they offer their services, and share insights into their business operations. 

  1. Source for unique content 

As one of the best social media marketing agencies in Kolkata, we cannot emphasize enough how valuable social media communities are to take inspiration from for creative content. Relevant employee-generated content (EGC) and user-generated content (UGC) will encourage authentic brand engagement. 

  1. Supports Social Listening

It gives you a clear picture of how your audience perceives your brand. As a social media agency in Kolkata, we use social listening to work on our client’s weaknesses and reinforce their strengths. 

  1. Establishes thought leadership

Positioning yourself as an industry expert on social media can capture the attention of decision-makers and top stakeholders. Use webinars, ebooks, one-pagers, and podcasts to address people’s pain points. 

  1. Generates Leads

Engaging with potential customers through videos, news, data, and exciting trends will help you build credibility and gain new leads.

A 4-step process for getting started with Social Media Marketing

     1. Answer key questions before creating a social media strategy

Determine the reasons for using social media as a marketing and sales channel, and identify any potential roadblocks. For example, as a social media agency in Kolkata, we know that financial or healthcare industries must adhere to strict legal standards.

When developing a strategy, consider these questions:

  • How will you measure your goals?
  • What kind of content will you post?
  • What time will you schedule the posts?
  • Which channels will you prioritize?
  • How will content be created and promoted?

     2. Pick a social media management tool

Among the best tools for reaching audiences on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, our social media marketing agency in Kolkata recommends Zoho Social, Buffer, Falcon.io, HubSpot, and HootSuite. In addition, with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can send InMail messages to prospects and get information on leads on LinkedIn.

     3. Develop relationships with industry influencers.

Influencer marketing isn’t just for B2C brands. Identify employees proficient in social media who can interview influencers via live stream, webinar, or podcast. You may later repurpose the content to create different social media posts.

     4. Create a content calendar and approval process

A content calendar and approval process are necessary for social media marketers to post engaging content.

The editorial calendar allows you to plan content weekly, monthly, and quarterly. Please make sure you track your viral posts so you can republish them and keep some room in your content calendar for moment marketing. 

Final Thoughts

Social media humanizes your brand by giving you a voice and a way to communicate with your past and potential clients. It helps you engage with your audience candidly and conversationally. 

We are guessing by now you’re convinced that social media makes your brand accessible to those interested in your products while introducing you to those unfamiliar with you. The bottom line is that social media can be used in whatever way best suits your business’s needs.

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