Latest Guide from Installs to Conversion for App Advertising

Latest Guide from Installs to Conversion for App Advertising


With the advancement of digitalization, it has become a prerequisite for any brand to identify the best channels to market their products, and having an app as a business tool listed in Google Play or Apple store is very much in. Just to have an app for your business is not enough and as an app marketer, your primary goal is to drive tons of traffic to your app and they finally download it! Here is the role of a digital advertising agency in Kolkata who’s major KPI becomes to increase mobile app conversion rate at the lowest possible cost per acquisition (CPA).

Still, wondering how to go about it. Here is a full-funnel that will be helpful for your understanding.

A. App Store Optimization

Discovering your app by the target audience in the major app stores is the biggest challenge that you can face. Therefore, app store optimization understanding is vital. If you are looking for app optimization on the Apple App store then concentrate on optimizing the first impressions Gallery and for Google Play your primary lookout should be optimizing the Feature Graphic. Make your you are updated with the app-related changes in regulations and features that happen from time to time in Google and iOS app stores. Do not forget to consider the usability
factors of your app too, the more complicated your app is, it is more likely for your users to abandon the installation mid-way.

B. For New Audience

The right users are needed to install apps effectively. Thus, it is better to get users who will download and use your app directly. Data and machine learning are essential for marketers to do the same. Also, mobile marketers will need ML loading with real-time data, including behavioral and transactional data, user intent signal analysis, and historical data. Furthermore, mobile marketers will create user profiles with the help of the above data, which will help with targeting. Besides that, it will help you predict the probability of how many app users will click on the app, install it, and use it.

C. For Existing Mobile Web Users

Choose another best way of installing techniques that suggest converting a robust mobile web user base to your app. The Mobile web user’s base will help you focus on the app install campaigns and convert them to your app users. You can create more engagement by providing the smoothest in-app experiences than mobile web experiences.

D. App Re-Engagement

Countless options of phone apps are available for us, and however, we download only a few of them and regularly use it. A recent stat says that most people spend their time on three apps only and the rest have to suffer a lot. So, it’s a question mark for app marketers on how they will activate newly installed users.

Now, the pre-installed data will effectively re-engage with users working here. The marketers can start developing app re-engagement campaigns for a few cases. Such as engaging users who haven’t converted before, getting reinstalled, and re-activating inactive users.

It will help app marketers to manage the lifetime value and increase their loyalties to customers and active user base.

E. App Retargeting

App conversion growth is the final stage of this journey. All you have to do is understand your app users, real-time behavior. When people leave your app, your personalized ads will help you reach them and get them back into your app. All these processes come under retargeting.

Aside from that, you can take help from a digital advertising agency in Kolkata to help you
create a retargeting app that will increase your conversions once again.

That’s done for now!

Implementing all these tips and strategies to make a successful app strategy to increase the number of app downloads is challenging and requires considerable time and effort. Whether you are seeking help from a digital marketing company in Kolkata or you are an individual app marketer, it is very important for you to understand the factors affecting your conversion rate and how you can change them. Once this understanding is cracked, then you can leverage it to increase sales, and ROI and meet your targets. We hope this blog will help you. Comment
below if you need more information.