Important FAQs on Local SEO

Important FAQs on Local SEO


Whether you run an online campaign, organization, or eCommerce site, you want to reach countless people around the globe and here search engine marketing or SEO plays a crucial role and makes your business visible when searched. 

Here are some crucial FAQs which will help you understand local SEO better because starting is very important to know the basics!. So, let’s begin. 

Important FAQs you cannot miss on

What is Local SEO? 

Although it sounds like a technical issue, the fact is it’s not! Local SEO is the search engine optimization strategy you can use to increase your site’s visibility on Google or Bing. You might be surprised that businesses with physical locations or geographic areas can benefit from local SEO. 

For example, you provide the best SEO services in Kolkata so, when people search for SEO services, there is a possibility that your name can be ranked on the first page of Google followed by the business listing details which will have your company name , phone number ,address ,etc.

What matters the most for Local SEO? 

When the standard Google organic search listings show the local map pack, the different algorithms increase the capacity of the results of the map pack and the main search results of google. However, the local business can appear on both search results at the same time. Sometimes online marketing businesses have to do something different. 

As a new marketing business online, you need to face the music. Out of many challenges, one is about aiming for the factors making your efforts productive. Website content, Google My Business, Review Signal, etc., are the primary factors you should consider. 

What is not Local SEO? 

Local SEO is not something you choose randomly to rank your websites on different search engine marketing platforms. Also, it is not something anyone can do for their business activities without their involvement. Local SEO is a strategy for search engine optimization that helps your business to display on Google’s local search engine. 

How does Local SEO work for you? 

Everyone uses Google for their queries, and local SEO works almost at a high level. Searching on Google provides the best possible results for your queries after scanning a few indexes. However, Local SEO is a bit different here. Google uses a unique ranking factor to rank the local search results. 

Why should you use Local SEO for your business activities? 

Your newly settled business needs more customers, and that’s why you choose online digital marketing. However, when it comes to Local SEO, it will help you get higher rankings. That means your brand, product, or business gets more value in visibility amongst potential buyers. Also, more than half of the smartphone users search results with the tag “near me.’ So, when your business is on higher search results, you start getting new customers from the local population. 

How do I know if I need Local SEO?

When you settle your business in your hometown and your customer base belongs to the same city or metropolitan area, you need to get Local SEO services. Also, you will need local SEO when you have a limited location and you have to increase your customer base. 

Who can use Local SEO? 

Local SEO is one of the best sources of increasing your rankings on the search engine results and getting traffic. Therefore, any organization having the exact physical location or business settled in the local areas can use local SEO. 

How much you should invest in Local SEO? 

SEO is one of the digital marketing services where you actually do get what you pay for and for many companies, SEO is even their primary marketing channel. The average package for  SEO services in Kolkata starts from Rs.50,000 per month and can even go up to Rs. 3 lakhs. 


SEO is one of the best options to get more website traffic, gain visibility and increase business. But unlike PPC, SEO will not yield immediate results. A comprehensive SEO planning involves a combination of technical SEO, content marketing & link-building and this takes time. Google might take time to recognize your efforts but when this is and planned & executed well you will definitely get rankings on the 1st page!

Most importantly the ranking and traffic earned from these efforts often become the most consistent and best converting among all channels.