How To Use Pinterest Analytics For Content Marketing

Pinterest is now a must-have tool for businesses, focused on image marketing. It’s also the fastest growing network that drives more referral traffic to eCommerce businesses than Facebook.  

 Pinterest launched its analytics dashboard for businesses in the last quarter of 2014 and since then it has been helping marketers to cater to their audience in a more effective way. Here are some pointers that Pinterest Analytics can help you with better pin as well as audience insights. 

What kind of content your audience respond better 

 Pinterest Analytics presents a detailed breakdown of your audience activities. Go to “Your Pinterest Profile” tab on the dashboard. You can find the best pins and boards that have worked for your audience so far on the space. 

 This data is important to understand what is liked by your audience most. This plays an important role in your strategy as well. If you know the best boards, you can invest more time on it. You also could figure out the factors that might have worked for these boards and implement them to other boards as well.  

The number of visitors to Pinterest from your website increased or decreased 

 There is a separate tab to monitor the activities from your website on Pinterest. You can measure daily active users on your website who take any action from your webpages to Pinterest.  

 This data is relevant to understand the behevi0r of your website audience. You can create more relevant images from the data you are likely to collect from your website activities. The detailed breakdown shows the mostly viewed pins and how they are clicked and repined.  

Who your audience are

 Your audience is the pillar of your marketing success. If you fail to understand them properly, you would inevitably fail to deliver results. Pinterest is not an exception. The analytics dashboard offers a compelling details of your audience. Go to Your Audience tab for better understanding. 

 You can see how many people visited your pins and how many of them actually engaged with your pins. This is important to gauge the engagement ratio on Pinterest. You also can get to know how many of your audience are male and male, where they live, what language they speak in, what they are interested in. Understanding your audience would help you create better content for the platform.  

How the impressions and engagement change over the time 

 With Pinterest Analytics dashboard, you can easily trace your progress over a period of time. You can change the date range to monitor according to your needs.   

 And you can categorically see which pins have worked well for repins and which ones got the maximum clicks. This data is handy to find a trend for best pins for different activities for your brand.  Over to you: Are you active on Pinterest? Do check the analytics once a while to improve your image marketing.