How to Use LinkedIn Groups for Marketing

LinkedIn marketing is essential if you are a B2B business or a professional, be it any field. If you manage your LinkedIn profile or page in the right way, you could earn a lot of quality traffic as well as leads from the professional network. Among the multiple features, LinkedIn Groups is a real gem, where you can get the desired attention from your niche. The drill is, you need to maintain a consistency in your approach.  

 In this post, we will explore different ways to promote yourself and your business on LinkedIn Groups.  

Join the best groups: 

 There are hundreds of groups on the platform. Don’t go for all of them in your niche. Select the best ones. You must be thinking what would be the index to judge. One of the given indexes is, the activeness of a group. If you look at the list followed by a keyword search, you can see the activity quotient right below the group details.  

 But you must check the groups manually to see if it would be relevant for you at all. Also pay a closer look at the group members and their influence meter. If the group looks good enough, join or send a request to join. We would recommend you not to join more than 5 groups, else chances are that you might not engage with each one of them effectively.   

Identify the most popular discussions: 

 Once you join a group, don’t rush into promoting your content right away. First introduce yourself and let other members have some idea about your professional self. You can start your activity by engaging with the most popular post on each group.  

 Liking would not offer much value if you wish to achieve thought leadership. Commenting is a good idea, provided you add value to the conversation. Don’t settle for “Great Post” or something like that sort. You can ask question or add a newly found data to support the discussion. In other words, you really need to bring your marketer self into action.  

Connect with relevant people: 

 LinkedIn Groups are excellent to connect with industry influencers. And there are two steps to do it. First, you start communicating with influencers on post comments. Once they become aware of your expertise, you can move on to the second level.  

 And that is mailing. There is mailing option to those, who have kept the Open Profile option open. Otherwise you need to upgrade your profile to mail Influencers, who have not enabled Open Profile. Give a proper introduction about yourself in the InMail. It’s your biggest impression creator as a professional.  

Start your own discussion: 

 Once you feel confident about your thought leadership within the group, you can start your own discussion on the space. Make sure the discussion is contextual and does not break any group rule. LinkedIn Groups now allows three segments of discussions: General, Job, and Promotion. If you want to post anything else other than general topics, select the associated tab. Don’t try to sell your promotional content under general Discussions.  

 LinkedIn Groups have strict rules and regulations for the members. If you don’t abide by them, the admin may also remove you from the group. So, before creating a new discussion, make sure you read the rules carefully.  

Continue with what you are doing: 

 LinkedIn marketing needs consistency like any other social media platform. Group marketing is not an exception. You must continue with the activities like liking and commenting regularly. In case of creating discussion, go for 1 discussion a month. But maintain it to get the best results from the largest professional network. Conclusion: This is LinkedIn Group marketing in a nutshell. LinkedIn often changes its Group features, In case any noteworthy and significant modification takes place, we will update it here.