How to optimize your Facebook ads for sales

Traffic, leads, sales… Which of these three sound most lucrative to you? You would say, “sales”. What do you do to improve your sales on social media? You would say that you run ads on different social networks, mainly Facebook. Ironically, most of the ads that marketers run on Facebook, are optimized for traffic and leads, not sales.  Look at the image below: 

Image: Post Planner This ad delivered 524 clicks, 82 leads and 7 conversions (sales). You must have noticed the huge disparity between clicks and leads; and leads and conversions. The main reason is, the ad is not optimized for sales.  In this article, we’ll discuss a number of useful methods to optimize your Facebook ads for more sales.  Define your goal first: This is the base of your Facebook ad performance. Facebook offers 9 ad objectives. Choose wisely, because it’s the deciding factor for your ad customization. If it seems a little tricky for you, take help from Facebook.  

Optimize your audience: These are the audience of your Facebook ads. Choose them carefully. Consider the content that you want to sell. Define your target audience in different areas like age, sex, interests, behavior etc.  

 Facebook offers a wide range of choices when it comes to choosing audience specifications. You also can create and save your custom audiences for future campaigns. You can save a lot of your time and effort by saving your audiences.  Bidding optimization: Here comes the money talk! There are three types of bidding optimization in Facebook ads.  Bidding for clicks (CPC): This ensures that you need to pay every time an user clicks on your ads. You can set maximum bid for one click and you’ll never have to pay anything more than that. However, Facebook delivers more quality clicks with higher bids. So, if you’re not satisfied with your ad results, just increase your bid per click.  Bidding for impressions (CPM): You can use this option if you want your audience to behold the ad. This is a useful option to spread awareness. As you select this option, Facebook will show you the estimated cost for every thousand impressions. Like CPC, you can set your ad budget here as well.  Bidding for website conversions: If you want your Facebook audience to go to your website and perform a specific job like sign up for newsletter, this option would work for you. Create a conversion pixel for the ad and optimize it for website conversions.  These three are the major factors to optimize your Facebook ads for sales. However, there are a few additional things you need to keep in mind.  Create ad variations: A/B testing is must to know what works best for your audience. Create different variations of your ads. Track performance for each one of them. You will see one of them is working better than the rest in terms of conversion. It will help you create successful ads in the future.  Test your ads: Use high quality images for your ad. Create at least 3 variations for one ad. Use less text in your ad image. According to Facebook there should not be more than 20% text in the image. 600 pixel wide images work best for newsfeed ads.  Try it. If you need any assistence, get in touch with us.