How Google Analytics 4 Helps in Better Reporting & KPI Tracking in 2023?

How Google Analytics 4 Helps in Better Reporting & KPI Tracking in 2023?


What do you think? 

Which Google Analytics KPIs can you track to achieve your business targets like a digital marketing agency in Kolkata

If you are confused, you hit the right spot! Use Google Analytics 4, suggested by many digital marketing consultants. 

Wait! This is a question for many marketers whether to use it or not. Check out the below section to clear your doubts. 

In October 2020, Google introduced Google Analytics 4. They are putting this version with a modern web and app analytics approach. There is a lot to come with this version. So, let’s understand this first. 

Google Analytics 4

It is not only the new version of Google Universal Analytics but also a new product with a more comprehensive approach. Only the navigation menu will tell you about that difference without going further. It becomes easier to navigate as you do not have to spend a lot of time here. Data is organized in a sophisticated manner, and a digital marketing consultant can easily be familiar with it. 

Google Analytics KPIs

Google Analytics KPI refers to the Key Performance Indicators offering the necessary insights into your site performances. It will be beneficial for your digital marketing strategies. They will guide you about how close you are to your target. So, now is the time to see how it helps in better reporting. 

How does it help? 

Along with the modern design, it offers event-driven and avoids pageview-driven. Also, it depends on machine learning to complete predictive modeling instead of third-party cookies. So, here’s how it makes it easy for you. 

  • The user measurement becomes easier. It is more critical for an organization like a digital marketing agency in Kolkata to have both an app and a site that makes you comfortable. Thus, the working life becomes joyful to better view users in a sole GA4 property instead of looking at two different Universal Analytics views. 
  • GA4 focuses on user engagement, making reporting and analysis more straightforward for a few organizations. The pageviews and sessions were the pillars of an old Universal Analytics report. 

However, everything can shift into an event if you use Google Analytics 4. These events are commonly categorized into four sections: Custom Events, Automatically Collected Events, Enhanced Measurement Events, and Recommended Events. 

Google Analytics 4 can directly set up the Enhanced Measurement Events and Automatically Collected Events without the help of Google Tag Manager. 

Besides that, the exciting fact is a few Enhanced Measurement Events like scroll depth tracking at 90%, file downloads, and view starts can all be traced in Google Analytics 4 without Google Tag Manager’s help. 

Furthermore, additional tags and triggers are all required with Universal Analytics to arrange in GTM to access this kind of event data. Along with that, it also supports a few essential features of Google Analytics 360.

It also comes with new features to help all the marketers, including a few features available on the Google Analytics 360 customers. You can get data on outbound clicks, data on scrolling, file downloads, video engagements, and many more. 

Also, for more comfort, you can operate this from your mobile and desktop. The Google Analytics Dashboard works fluently for KPI tracking and everything completes within a few seconds. Apart from that, Google Analytics will work as a backup plan. Debugging mode, UI changes and many more are waiting for you in Google Analytics 4. 


That’s all! 

If you have just started a website and are looking for better analytics, this might be your best choice. Google Analytics is the latest version of Google Universal Analytics that comes with some new options and features, including a few features of Google Analytics 360. As a result, working life becomes easy when you have Analytics like Google Analytics 4.

So, here you may have understood about the new Google Analytics 4. Still, if you have doubts, clear them with our dedicated team by leaving a comment below and our team will guide you there.