How to Engage Your Audience on Pinterest & Why You Must Do It

Pinterest is the fastest growing social network with 72.8 million users. It’s the source of 41% of the entire ecommerce traffic, which is greater than that of Facebook (37%). Another study from Shopify confirmed that Pinterest users are 10% more likely shop from ecommerce sites than those who come from other social networks.  

 However, the main factor of Pinterest marketing is your audience. The primary reason is, Pinterest works differently than other networks. When a pinner repins your pin, he is actually saving as well as sharing your content. As a result, your pin stays on his board forever and remains visible to his followers as well. So, in this case, we can safely quote Kevin Knight, the brand and agency strategist at Pinterest, 

 It’s very important for you to plan your Pinterest efforts strategically, so it rightly connects with your audience. 

How to be more engaging on Pinterest:

Create images for Pinterest:

 Pinterest is an image heavy social network. And it’s also different from other networks in terms of its suggested image dimensions. Taller images work best on the platform.  

 As you can see, all the images that appeared on top are taller images. Pinterest users love tall images and that’s the reason these images are shared more than other formats of images. The ideal image size for the platform is 735 x 1,102.  

Add proper tags to images:

 Whenever you add images for Pinterest marketing, make sure all of them have proper SEO tags. There are two ways people can pin your images. They either pin it from your website or pin from your Pinterest boards. In both the cases, SEO tags play a vital role.  

 This is to ensure that whenever people search with a keyword on Pinterest, your images comes in the search results. So, whenever you upload images on your site, the images must contain the keywords.  

Install Rich Pins:

 Pinterest offer 6 types of rich pins but you need to choose according to your business. For example, if you are an ecommerce site owner, the right rich pin for you would be Product Pins. If you are a blogger, Article Pin should be your pick. Let’s look at an example.  

 It’s a rich pin and as you can notice, it offers detailed information about the recipe. Had the user uploaded the recipe like a normal pin, it would appear something like this below: 

 Rich pins contain additional information along with your business logo and brand name. It makes it different from normal pins. Rich pins tend to get more attention than their normal counterparts and that’s the reason they are more shared by pinners. Many social media experts, for this reason, would say that these special pins make you more Pinterest friendly.   

Be interactive:

 Participate in conversations. Only pinning and liking will not do.  

 According to a stat, 80% pins on Pinterest are repins. You too must have repinned plenty of them. Now do it and add a value to the pin. Whenever a pin would interest you, comment something on it before repinning. This would value the original pin and at the same time would help you leave a bit of your brand mark. If you practice it consistently, you would find a nice improvement on your follower count.   

Curate carefully:

 Don’t just repin for the sake of it. Examine thoroughly before you share an image on the platform. This is important because it will be there on your board and add to your brand reputation.  Here are some factors you need to check before click on “Pin it” 

  • The quality of the image
  • Description of the image
  • The landing page

 The first two belong to your Pinterest page hygiene. The third factor is very crucial for your brand reputation. Imagine you repin a nice article pin that lands your followers on a spammy site! Would your value as a brand remain intact to your followers? No. So, check before you do something on your business page.  

Check analytics:

 Pinterest analytics can help you a lot to know about your best pins. This is a crucial information to know what kind of content goes well with your audience.  

 You can create better images for your audience if you follow the trends on the analytics tool.  


 Consistency is the key to the success of Pinterest marketing. The zeal with which you start Pinterest promotion must last forever, else you can’t except it to work for you the way it worked for Starbucks or Nordstrom. Happy pinning!