How to Customize Your Landing Page for Better Conversion

You have an amazing PPC team but still you’re not getting enough conversion. You have a great product, but people don’t seem interested to buy it. You’re spending a fortune every month on pay-per-click ads, but the ROI is disappointing. Your market is too competitive and you don’t know where to start. There are multiple situations that you may need to deal with while handling your PPC campaigns. However, the full-proof idea to tackle all these situations is, bridge the gap between your ad and landing page.  

What is a Landing Page:

 A landing page is the webpage where you send your visitors from various external sources. It’s also called conversion page, because you want your visitors to take the desired action for your business on that page.  Why it’s so important for your campaigns: One of the reasons that most of your PPC campaigns fail is, either you don’t create separate landing for the campaign or your don’t customize it in sync with your ad copy. In case of the latter, even if you succeed to bring visitors to your site, they don’t convert simple because message mismatch.  According to Unbounce, 80% of the businesses land their ad viewers either on the homepage or a registration page. This implies that only 20% of business create individual ad-based landing pages. Having a separate landing page for your PPC campaigns would be beneficial for two reasons: 

  • It offers great user experience, thus leads to more business leads and conversions. 
  • It improves your Quality Score (QC). It refers to the relevancy of message match between your ads and landing page. 

Why Quality Score Matters:

 QC matters because it reduces the cost per click of your ad and in turn, improves your ad rank. This means that you can get more clicks per dollar and your ads are given more importance by search engines.  

Landing Page Optimization: How to Do it For Improved Conversion Rate

Match the messages: Your ad copy and your landing page content must not collide, else your visitors would bounce back in no time. Moreover, it creates a negative impact on your QS.  For example, when we ran a search on “Watches for women”, this ad comes first. It looked a pretty good offer for watch lovers but we thought 70% discount was just a click bait.  

 However, when we clicked on the ad, it redirects to the concerned product page, containing products with 70% off. The message match worked perfectly for this business.   

Clear headlines: Always write heading in bold and clear font. It should be relevant to your PPC ad copy. So, it must include the main keywords. This practice would help your visitor to stay with you for a longer time and take the desired action.   When we searched with “Online greeting cards”, the first ad redirected us to the following landing page. It has a clear and concise headline that is clearly visible to anyone, landing on the page.  

Use-on-the-eye design: A clean web design always helps in better conversion. It offers great user experience. The best way to do it is, one idea – one page. You might think that creating a multipurpose landing page would save your time and money for future campaigns. But this may also hamper user experience.  

 Money Super Market landing page has a clean design to help their viewers navigate and take the desired action easily.  Clear call-to-action: Always add a call-to-action button on your landing page. The size of the button as well as the color play a crucial role in your conversion rate.  According to a HubSpot blog, red works better than green when it comes to CTA button for Performable. However, SAP found orange the best color for them when it boosted the conversion rate by 32.5%. (Source – quicksprout). 

Image: HubSpot In other words, different colors say different things to different people. Run A/B testing with different CTA buttons to find the best one. But make sure it stands out on your website. For example, if the background of your website is white, any bright color like red, orange, green would fit. But you need to choose in accordance with your target audience’s preference.  Offer complete information: When a visitor clicks on your ad, they look for a complete shopping experience. So, provide all the required information about the product or service. The list includes shipping information and return policy as well.  

 Quikr provides all the required information on the course of their conversion. It maintains transparency and helps the visitors in decision making.  Create useful content: Don’t stuff your landing page with too much content. It will only hamper user experience. This is Google’s landing page for Adwords ad. As you can see there is very less content. But whatever they wrote, it adds value to their visitors and prompts them to click on the blue CTA button. 

Increase usability: Reduce the time of your user journey between landing page and exit page. It will only increase your usability factor. Many websites make their visitors hop from one page to another to complete a task. This is a reason for lower conversion. Test your conversion funnel thoroughly. Count the time. 

 Ad Global 360 did a good job here by providing a submission form on the landing page. This offers their visitors an easy user experience within a very short time.  Make all possible channels available to enter on the landing page. For example, many webpages only have the option for PayPal payment and they don’t mention it anywhere before. When a visitor lands on the payment gateway and notices only PayPal option and he does not have a PayPal account then it becomes a complete turn off for him.  Don’t be too sales-y: Todays’s buyers are smarter than ever. They can easily differentiate marketers, who are trying hard to sell you something from the genuine ones. The bottom line is, don’t push it too hard. The call-to-action text plays an important role in this.  Quick Sprout does a magic trick to get your contact details. Instead of “Register”, they use “Analyze”. Once you click the CTA button, they analyze your site but to know the results you’ve to submit your details. Cool, isn’t it?  

Video helps in converting: According to Wishpond,videos on landing pages can increase your conversion rate by 86%. However, don’t include a video just for the sake of it. Add only if it goes well with your audience.  Here is Dollar Shave Club’s landing page with a video. 

 You can test your conversion rates with and without videos. This is the easiest way to understand its effectiveness.  We can help you run effective, ROI – driven PPC campaigns. Get in touch with us.