Google Search Console: Everything You Need to Know to Improve Your SEO

Google Search Console: Everything You Need to Know to Improve Your SEO

Do you own a website? If yes then you must be aware of the importance of optimizing it in order to rank in Google’s search results. The world of SEO keeps on evolving and staying ahead with your web strategies is necessary to make sure your website is visible and popular. The one powerful tool that can make your path easy to keep your website engaging for online visitors is Google Search Console formerly it was known as Google Webmaster Tools.


What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free analytics tool that assists SEO professionals and Website owners to find out the gaps which need to be filled to make their website rank higher on Google search results pages.


How to access the new Google Search Console?

GSC helps webmasters and website owners with its set of free tools and reports to manage their website’s existence on Google search results. Here are the steps to access the new Google Search Console: 


  1. Log into your Google account.
  2. Access Google Search Console through
  3. Go ahead and incorporate your website as a property in Google Search Console by making selections from the various permissible mediums available.
  4. Authenticate your account through Google Tag Manager, HTML file, Google Analytics, and HTML tag.


Make your move now and sign up for Google Search Console!


Important Features and Benefits of Google Search Console


  • Progress Monitoring: GSC helps in analysing important performance metrics such as CTRs, impressions, clicks, and average position for certain keywords and web pages. The data helps to find out what queries and keywords are playing the major role to drive traffic to your website and how can you better your content to take care of the limitations.


  • Mobile Responsiveness: Today 92.3% of people access the internet through smartphones, therefore it is essential to design a mobile-friendly website. Through the search console, you can find out how mobile amicable is your website.


  • Web page indexing: GSC helps you to find out which website pages have been indexed by search engines and also detect any indexing errors. Webmasters can also request to index new pages and remove outdated pages.


  • Backlink check: As SEO specialists we always suggest giving importance to building Backlinks. Google Search Console enables you to find the websites linked to your website and asses their merit and superiority. You can also find out promising link-building prospects and reject malicious links.


  • Sitemap inclusion: If you want Google to explore and crawl all your important web pages then submit your website’s XML sitemap to the Google search console. XML sitemaps help search engines understand your website’s configuration and order which leads to better visibility and indexing of your web pages.


  • Core Web Vitals: Core Web Vitals tells you how quickly a page is visible, how long it takes for the page to appear in front of the online visitor and its visual steadiness. The search console gives you information about where your website is lacking so that you can optimize it for better performance.


  • Improved outcome and arranged data: Google search console provides data regarding how your website looks on the Google search results page which includes rich snippets, Organized data issues, and improvements.


  • Protection and Security: The search console informs you if Google identifies any security issues with your website i.e., any kind of hacking attempts or malware. Also, the Google search console alerts you if your website has incurred any manual penalties so that you can address the issues and get back your rankings.


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