Google Merchant Center Next: A new way to list your products on Google

Google Merchant Center Next: A new way to list your products on Google

Do you know that Google is coming up with a new version of its Merchant Center known as “Merchant Center Next”? The enhanced version is very much user friendly and is designed to provide users with more control over their product listings.

Merchant Center Next can automatically import products from your website which makes it easier for users to keep updating product information. It also enables users to generate customized reports and track their efforts across various channels.

Additionally, Merchant Center Next is introducing new exciting features to improve product listing and online visibility, These features include:

  • Ability to add product reviews
  • Adding product videos
  • Creating custom labels for products
  • Setting up price rules

Google has already informed that Merchant Center Next will be available to all its users by 2024. Therefore, it is advisable to start preparing for the shift by updating product listing and by finding if the user’s website is compatible with the new version of Merchant Center.

Advantages of using Merchant Center Next

Let’s have quick look how users can benefit with the new version of Merchant Center:


  • The new version of Merchant Center is more user friendly then the previous version, enabling merchants to manage their product listings and track performance.
  • With the help of new added features such as custom labels, setting up price rules and creating custom reports, Users will have more control over the platform.
  • More traffic and conversions due to better product listings and increased online visibility.

We want to encourage users to start preparing for the changeover as it can help your business to reach new customers and gain more conversions.