A Full-Proof Guide to Write Facebook Ad Copy for More Clicks

Are you a Facebook marketer? What is the biggest challenge you face everyday while dealing with your ads? Some of you would say getting people click and take the desired action is the biggest challenge for you while many of you would say coping up with 90 character space available for ad copy is troublesome.  Whatever issue you’re facing with Facebook ads, if you spend some time in strategizing your ad copy, it would reduce three-fourth of your struggle.  Let’s dig deeper. Facebook ad copies have two parts: headline and body. Headline part can have 25 characters while body should not excel 90 characters. There are online tools that can help you create your ad copy and at the same time would save a lot of time. Look at the screen shot below.  

Now let’s move on to Facebook ad copy best practices:

Make it clear: There is no room for fancy copy writing. You’re investing money for every word in your ad copy. So, make your ad copy as clear and crisp to the point as possible. 

Add Call to Action: The main aim for running ads is, getting results for your business. There must be a specific action or task that you want your target audience to complete. This is your call to action or CTA. Every Facebook ad must include a CTA.  

 A bonus tip: Try to include the CTA at the end of your ad. This will prompt your ad viewers to click on it faster.  Don’t use jargons: Jargons are no good for your social media marketing, let alone Facebook ads. Write in simple words, even if you belong to a serious industry. This is to ensure that you get leads from every possible channel.  

Address their pain-point: The more you understand your audience, the more you get to know their pain points. What would help them more? What would make their job easy? It will help you create more clickable ad copies to address their pain-points.  

Don’t name your brand: Facebook ads work best when used for subtle advertising. Don’t be too sales-y with your ads. This would sound like push-branding for many. Secondly, Facebook allows you to put your business URL separately in an ad. So, when you’re adding your business name in your ad copy, you’re actually wasting the space.  

 A bonus tip: Even if you need to include your business name, do it with a hint of intelligence.    Talk to your audience: Talking to your audience is the best way to connect with them. There are many ways you can do that. However, asking questions is one of the measures you can interact with your audience.  

 What about you? Do your Facebook ads give you the desired ROI? Share your experience in the comment section below.