The five latest Google Ads features and how to make the most of them

The five latest Google Ads features and how to make the most of them

Google Ads is the most popular online advertising platform. Therefore it is very much important for advertisers to be aware of the latest features and updates released by the search giant. 

Advertisers can manage their digital marketing campaigns more effectively by staying with the latest Google ad features.

In this article, As a PPC expert, we will suggest the five latest Google ad features which can give an extra edge to your advertising strategy and we will also share our inputs on how to efficiently utilize the features to reach out to your marketing goals. Let’s move further to find out more!


Responsive Search Ads

Responsive search ads are a type of search ad format offered by Google Ads. RSA enables advertisers to design ads which can adjust content, size and format as per the device from which the online search was made such as smartphones or tabs. This powerful property of Responsive ads makes it a potent mechanism for enhancing ad performance.


Benefits of Responsive Search Ads from the Point of View of a PPC Expert Agency:

  • Offers excellent ad personalisation
  • Creates automated headlines and descriptions based on search 
  • Customized ads boost Click-Through-Rates
  • Multiple ads can be tested to detect the most engaging one
  • Enhanced Ad performance results in improved ROI


Here are some essential points to consider to get the best results for your business by optimizing Responsive Search Ads:

  • Using a different set of headlines and description combinations enables Responsive Search Ads to experiment and choose the best version.
  • For each ad device original content and avoid needless and outdated content.
  • Place the relevant keywords in headlines and descriptions to allow a natural flow of ad copy.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing in your ad copy.
  • Mention your product’s USP to separate your ad from the competitors.
  •  Utilize ad extensions to engage and attract more customers, namely Website links, calling details or callouts.
  • Keep analyzing your Responsive Search ad performance which includes cost per conversion, click-through rate and conversion rates. It helps to make timely adjustments to RSA ad campaigns. 

Local Campaigns

Local online campaigns are designed to focus on people who come under a specific geographical area. Businesses located in these areas want to promote their products to nearby localities and local online campaigns offer a big help in their marketing efforts. As an expert digital marketing agency, we have offered quality PPC services in Kolkata which include a mix of Google ads and social media marketing platform strategies to reach potential customers.


Businesses with physical locations in remote or rural areas can take great advantage of local campaigns which include:

  • Local Online Campaigns can encourage nearby customers to visit the physical stores, hence increasing foot traffic.
  • As the customers are located in the same location as the business, therefore a perfectly targeted ad campaign can bring a large volume of customer engagement.
  • Local Campaigns are cost-effective due to a very small area of operation. 
  • Personalized ad campaigns can create wonders for the business owner, as they can make the customer feel special.


Do you want to make your Local Online Campaign a big success for your business? Go ahead with the below methods:

  • Make sure that your local ad campaign is targeting the required geographical area where your physical business outlet is located. You can check the online location targeting settings of your ad platform to make sure the campaign has been devised effectively.
  • Create relatable ad copy for the target audience, place local keywords, and mention your business’s physical location.
  • Include call-to-action buttons on your ad to encourage customers to book an appointment or make a purchase.
  • Ads and the landing pages of your Local ad campaign should be mobile-friendly.
  • Regularly measure your ad campaigns to make adjustments as per the needs of your customers.
  • Maintain all your business information such as visit timing, shop images, address and phone numbers on google my business. It can help customers reach your shop by following local extensions.


Smart Bidding Strategies

Automated bidding strategy utilizes data-driven information and machine learning to optimize bidding. Business owners utilize services of smart bidding to set real-time bids on the basis of various indicators like time of the day, location, device, trends and behaviour of customers.

Smart bidding strategies help advertisers to allocate budgets effectively, and achieve their campaign goals.


Here are the different types of Smart Bidding Strategies:

  • Cost per Acquisition is a method which helps a business find out the cost of acquiring customers by dividing total marketing efforts by the number of customers acquired. To utilize the budget properly some business owners target a particular CPA value and place bids which automatically get adjusted by automated bidding to get the required number of conversions with controlled expenses.
  • Advertisers are very much interested to increase their Return on Ad Spend or ROAS. During some campaigns, advertisers target a certain ROAS value. The smart bidding option maximizes conversions by adjusting bids for each of the auctions to clock more revenues.
  • Advertisers can manage cost per click by taking advantage of smart bidding, as it allows them to raise bids for auctions that are more likely to get conversions.
  • Smart bidding automatically fixes bids to get maximum clicks on a limited budget.


Utilize Smart bidding strategies more efficiently by following the below-mentioned methods:

  • Have a clear goal as to which bidding strategy is perfect for your business.
  • Study previous data of your earlier bidding strategies which can include Return on Ads, cost per conversion or conversion rate.
  • Keep analyzing your bidding strategies.
  • Merge smart bidding strategies with other targeting techniques such as device, location or demographic targeting.
  • Take time to learn and understand smart bidding algorithms.

Gallery Ads

Gallery ads are a type of carousel ad that allows businesses to use images and videos for promotional purposes. These kinds of ads are visually appealing and targeted to engage customers and push them to make queries about your product or service.


Let’s have a look at the benefits of Gallery Ads:

  • Gallery ads are very attractive and interactive which enables advertisers to attract and engage a high volume of customers.
  • An interesting and beautiful carousel ad campaign increases the chances of getting more Click through rates.
  • As the number of engagements increases with gallery ads showcasing the business’s brand stories, Brand awareness also increases. 


Here are some tips on how you can create highly engaging and entertaining gallery ads:

  • Use high-resolution images and videos so that customers can not only engage and enjoy your brand story but also should be able to clearly understand your brand colour, name, tagline and message.
  • Create attractive stories to make the customers swipe your carousel-based ad till the end.
  • Highlight the benefits that the customer can avail by using your product or service, and try to give the solution through your ad copy or brand story.
  • Encourage the customers to visit your website, make a purchase or sign up for your newsletter through the Call to Action (CTA) button.
  • Keep on experimenting with your gallery ads for example use different images and videos, and introduce separate brand stories. Try to find which ads engaged more customers.


Audience Expansion

Audience expansion is done by targeting new audiences who fall out of the existing customers. These new audiences share common choices and preferences and were not targeted earlier.

A PPC expert often devises strategies to increase business reach and add more customers to their list, by approaching untapped markets and increasing sales.


Let’s have a look at some of the achievements that a business can gain by applying a perfect Audience expansion strategy:

  • Tapping new markets and customers automatically helps in increasing brand awareness. New territories and new people become familiar with your brand name which helps in solidifying your position in the market.
  • Having a diversified customer base removes the dependency of business on a particular set of customers. 
  • Getting new leads and a customer base always increases the chance of more quality conversions.


Method to use Audience expansion strategy effectively:

  • Take the help of web analytics and market research to find out similar customers who share the same taste and preferences as your existing customer base.
  • Find out which audience expansion strategy is working best for your business through A/B testing.
  • Craft relevant ad copy for your new customers to make them feel that your products and services are customized for their use.
  • Cautious expansion is always ideal as it helps to save budget and resources.  



Google ads are always changing and evolving to give quality solutions to their users. In this article, we gave a closer look at the five latest Google ads features namely Responsive search ads, Local Campaigns, Smart bidding strategies, Gallery Ads and Audience expansion strategies.

Smart bidding allows advertisers to utilize the power of machine learning to optimize biddings. Responsive ads allow advertisers to reach out to audiences at the same time, irrespective of the kind of device they are using. Local campaigns are preferred by sellers to target local customers who are residing near their physical shops. Gallery ads guarantee a high volume of customer engagements which results in more conversions and finally Audience expansion strategies remove the dependency of business owners on existing customers.

The success of a business depends on how effectively a business owner can utilize the above-mentioned latest ad strategies which include regular monitoring of performance, testing different ad copies, being creative with content to attract more customers etc. 


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