Father’s Day Campaigns – Not To Miss Ones

He is the unsung hero, our comforter, and our mommy-convincer. He might not have the superpowers like the Marvel superheroes or the ones that the DC comics heroes possess, but he definitely has the power to be your hero, in your daily life & still simply, just be awesome at it! No, we’re not aiming at giving you tear jerking urges, hold on. With Father’s Day tomorrow, we are all set to celebrate with the list of some awesome #FathersDay campaigns of 2015. Because sometimes brands too touch our hearts in the way we’re delighted in & we can’t deny that they have the perfect timing too!  Go, fetch your bag of tissues. 

1) A Tribute To Your First Hero: Godrej Expert

 Taking the brand root of Godrej Expert hair colour, ‘young at heart’, truly celebrates the spirit of fatherhood. With every slice-of-life moment taken from our lives, uncelebrated but cherished, put in a long but cherishing video, it tells us to appreciate fatherhood & those little day-to-day moments we have with our daddy’s.  

2) Dove Men+Care : First Fatherhood Moments

 Dove Men+Care takes you to a journey to where you were not even born. To the first ever exclusive being-father moments. It’s a global culture to announce parenthood with an element of surprise & the experience has just been defined in the best way possible here.  With a beautiful ending note that truly sums up fatherhood, ‘Real strength means showing you care even from the very first moment’, Dove has gone a mile ahead (though with produced moments) to celebrate fatherhood. 

3) Angel Soft: Happy Father’s Day, Mom

 Take a turn from the usual Father’s Day campaign ideas, and you’ll come across Angel Softs’ idea of wishing Mom, a Happy Father’s Day. Though it’s not something unusual to come up with but it really uses a usual perspective to do something really unexpected using the premise of single moms. Beautifully made, it defines the roughs every single mom goes through from her child’s perspective. Children, here, shown as shocked by their own revealing experiences of their mom’s roughs give it an edgy yet emotional touch (+1 on that)! A tear-jerking campaign for those who think this out by heart.  The best part? With the roughs being there, there are also the bests that come along. Keep being awesome mom! Happy Father’s Day to all those mom’s out there! 


4) Johnsonville : Bratfast in Bed

 Droga5, they can never seize to impress us and now with this Johnsonville ad, they’ve gone way too far to gain our love for them. This may totally defy from our list of tear jerking campaigns, but we say why not, because, this is by far the most hauntingly funny ad (Read: hauntingly) that we’ve come across. You want to make your father’s dream true? Go see this ad & find out for yourself!  

https://www.youtube.com/embed/lAeqtoTwPPgWe can’t get enough of Father’s Day high in advertising, and there are many other good campaigns out there, but these are the handpicked ones, filled with awe & delight to make advertising even more interesting & touching for our audience! Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome heroes out there!