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Email Marketing Best Practices

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Are you focusing more on social media marketing while ignoring email marketing? You are not alone in the league. There are a huge number of businesses that are using social media more to send their message across. However, the fact remains, emails are more effective. It’s still the top activity that people do on the internet apart from search. 

Here are some other eye-opening stats about email:

  • Email marketing offers 4,300% return on an average for businesses in the US. (Direct Marketing Association)
  • Companies that send emails to generate leads, get 50% more sales-ready leads and at a 33% lower cost. (Hubspot)
  • Email conversion rates are 3x as high as social media conversions. ( McKinsey )
So, email marketing is definitely a way to earn success for your business. Here are some best practices for email marketing that you must know and implement. 

Email Marketing Best Practices

Plan your email content with care: One of the most common reasons for a failed email marketing campaign is, poor content. It must address 5 w’s: Why, Where, Whom, What, and how. Create a content that have all these factors without making it cluttered. The best practice is: One idea, one email. 
Offer personalized emails, not junks: One size does not fit all and it’s specially application to emails. When a brand successfully delivers an email to its customers, they do take care of the end user. Factors like message, timing, content play a vital role here. In other words, offer people what they need at that point of time. Your email will surely convert. 
Be sure of the headline: Many experts would say that headline can make or break your email campaign and it’s true to a great extent. Ideally an email subject line should not be more than 50 characters. It should clearly indicate what the email contains with a clear call to action. Adding an incentive would also increase the open rates.
Think mobile: 68% marketers confirmed that responsive factor plays a significant role in email open rate and it may lead to a 130% hiked clicks. However, apart from a responsive email template, make sure the landing page is also responsive. Else your audience would not complete the desired task. 
Integrate social buttons: Integrate your social media marketing with emails. Include social media buttons on emails, so your subscribers can land on your social media profile by clicking on these buttons. This would not only make your audience aware of your social activities, but also would increase your fans and followers on these networks. 
Where to put the CTA: It takes a lot of strategic effort to place the CTA buttons at the right place of your email. It’s seen if the CTA button is placed above the fold, your chance to get more open rates would increase by 70%. Moreover, it’s also proved that having the CTA button three times in a mail would give you better conversions. 
Measure, analyze and implement: According to Exact Target, for every $1 spent on an email campaign, marketers get $44.25 as ROI. This is a general observation. But is it true for you? Do the analysis for yourself. Check analytics after you launch every campaign to see what’s the ROI for you. 
This practice would show you what campaigns are working for you and which ones are not. But if you carry on sending emails without checking the analytics, you cannot know where you stand in the industry. 
Select the best email template: It’s very difficult to predict which one would suit your bill, and there is always scope for improvement. Test different templates among your friends and family to select the best working template for you. However, there are some common practices that you need to follow too. 
For example, the brand logo works better when it’s placed on the left hand side. Keep the email 500 to 650 pixels wide, so it does not disturb the experience of mobile users. 
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