Discover The Best Digital Marketing Mix For Small Businesses

Digital marketing is the solution to all your marketing queries. It’s cost-effective and measurable. However, there are many issues that a small business can face during marketing the business online. Budget constraint, competition from big brands, and selecting the right channels are a few of them.  However, in this article, we’ll discuss three major wings of digital marketing that every small business must explore.  SEO: Are you wondering how search engine optimization makes sense for you, when there are already big players out there? Especially when search engines like Google prioritize web authority. In this case, a small business definitely remains at an disadvantageous state. But let’s not forget another major factor of ranking algorithm, i.e. Google indexes webpages and not websites. SEO may take longer to show results, but when your webpages would rank for a keyword, it would give you greater ROI. A Hubspot study proved that organic search results always weigh more than paid ones.  

PPC: SEO is a bit slower, as mentioned above. But if you want to drive some quick traffic, you must try PPC or Pay-Per-Click ads. This is crucial for small businesses to drive traffic to the website until organic SEO takes its due course. Moreover, it’s proved that SEO works best when combined with PPC.  

 However, since budget is a main concern for many small businesses, it’s very necessary that you set and optimize your ads in a way that it returns optimum ROI. And don’t forget mobile in the entire process. Remember, two-thirds of Americans browse internet from their smart phones.  

 You might lose hundreds of your customers, if you don’t optimize your PPC campaigns for your mobile customers.  Social Media Marketing: It’s a great channel to market a small business. Let’s discuss a few goals that you cab attain from social media.  It’s an amazing way to offer better customer service. Social media can create an instant buzz. It improves your content reach. You can also promote your products and services on social media. And the list is on and on. 

 Apart from all these, social media drives maximum referral traffic to a small business. And it’s even more than search traffic. Moreover, there is another reason that every small business must be doing social media marketing. Let’s watch Matt Cutt’s video on Google ranking factors first.  He clearly stated that Google considers social networks as any other webpages. And social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn are high-ranking and high-authority websites. For this reason, these websites clearly get priority in search algorithm. And if you create a social media page that delivers higher value to the user, chances are there your social media pages would make it to the search results.  Your turn: If you are a small business and thinking where and when to start, this is the right time for you. Start with these 3 channels and see how it goes for you for the first three months. This way, you can monitor your growth effectively with digital marketing.