Digital Marketing Training For Corporates: TED Videos Recommended

Every great idea needs a great marketing idea. But in the present times, there’s a lot of confusion surrounding the future of marketing – where’s it headed? Which media is going to be the most effective way to send your message across to your audience? If you ask us – it was and will always be around experience. Customers want to feel that your business fits into their lives. 

Digital Marketing Training For Corporates

How to make a marketing strategy that’s around your customer and not you?  How digital can help you achieve your goals? Which digital channels should you focus more on ? What are the different hygiene activities you must do?  Let our mentors and trainers help you with useful insights and practical knowledge. Visit to know more about digital marketing training for corporates. Till then to get your creative marketing juices flowing, we’ve rounded a few TED talks that every marketer must watch 

1) How to get your ideas to spread | Seth Godin

Do you know who was the man who first invented sliced bread? Well, not many do. Because he, like many inventors focussed on patent and not the marketing. With this great example, author and marketing blogger Seth Godin emphasise the importance of spreading the word. In a world when we have too many options, it’s all about how you reach out to the consumer. Watch this amazing video to know the importance of getting the word out: 

2)  What physics taught me about marketing | Dan Cobley 

Do you think there is any relation between physics and marketing? Watch this TED talk by former Google marketing director Dan Coble and get a better understanding of the connection between two seemingly different subjects. Using Newton’s law, he explains how small brands find it easy to adopt new marketing strategies while the big brands find it difficult to reposition themselves. To see marketing in a new light that has its basis in science, watch this informative video:

3) Life lessons from an ad man | Rory Sutherland 

In this candid video, Vice Chairman of Ogilvy, Rory Sutherland acknowledges that marketing is about changing the perception of the people about a certain product rather than changing the product. For more such nuggets of wisdom from the don of modern marketing, watch this video:

4) What consumers want | Joseph Pine 

Do you know why Starbucks coffee cost more than other coffee brands? Well, because it sells not coffee but authentic experience. It is this mass customisation that author Joseph Pine want brands to focus on. Watch this video that will make you rethink your marketing strategy:

5) What brands can learn from online dating | Sarah Willersdorf 

How much time does it take for you to swipe right on Tinder? Well, not more than three to five seconds. This exactly the amount of time you have got to grab the attention of consumers. This is exactly what Sarah Willersdorf (partner & managing director),  Boston Consulting Group (BCG), suggested in her TED Talk. However, unlike a dating app where both the parties are seeking each other, in the marketing world, the marketers are seeking out the consumers and thus they can’t afford to have their message misunderstood. This TED Talk covers why communicating first impression is important for the marketers. Watch this video that will have glued to the screen till the end:

6) How to enhance and expand a global brand | James Curleigh 

When James Curleigh took the helm at Levi’s, his pitch was that he would treat the brand like a 150-year-old startup with heritage and legacy being the starting point but the real focus will remain on the future. It is this visionary thought that retained Levi’s old customers and helped it gain new customers. If you want to learn how to reposition your brand, then you must not miss this video: