Digital Marketing News You Can’t Afford To Miss This week (Oct 2 to 9)

Facebook’s new lead ads are great with integrated landing pages!

Facebook’s lead ads are finally available to Power Editor. And they’re cool!  Earlier, you need to create a landing page to convert a visitor into a lead. Now Facebook will do it for you. You just need to create the ad with the right CTA button (“Apply Now,” “Get Quote,” “Download,” “Learn More,” “Sign Up” or “Subscribe”). Once the user clicks on the button, he will be redirected to a lead form without leaving Facebook. Currently, this feature is available for mobile only.  

Facebook is about to launch 6 emoji variations for Like and not a dislike button

 Facebook is about to launch 6 emojis to offer variations for the Like button.  Earlier, they said that they were working on the dislike button, but it turns out that the emotions triggering dislike will be added to this feature. All these emojis will have equal weighage while calculating the engagement. A Facebook blog confirms that only the page managers can view the breakdown of reactions from insights.  

Facebook has launched Local Awareness ads for local businesses. 

 If you’re a local business and want to attract people, who are around your business location or neighborhood, this piece of news will surely excite you. For this ad, you can add CTA button according to your needs. The CTA button options are: Like page, Learn more, Call now, Get directions, and Send messages.  

Twitter to remove tweet share count from articles and blogs

 Twitter share count shows authority and reach of your content, thereby making it one of the most favorite social widgets for any publisher. But Twitter has recently declared that it will soon remove all tweet share count buttons that appear right beside the tweet button from all third-party website.  How does it affect you as an online marketer or a publisher? Do let us know.  

Facebook is all set to launch new profile design for mobile

 What if we tell you that you can add a short clip as your Facebook personal profile picture? Yes, it’s true. You can call it your profile video. Apart from that, there is one more big announcement. You can create a “temporary version of your profile picture” that would revert to your original profile picture after a specified time. It’s an ideal feature when you’re on vacation or attending an event or anything that have a time limitation.  

Twitter announced one more feature to sell directly on the platform

 Twitter is going to roll out a ‘Buy’ button for retailers. To launch this feature for ecommerce businesses, Twitter has partnered with several merchants like Shopify, Demandware, Bigcommerce etc. The motive of this new feature is, empowering the ecommerce businesses to find their customers easily and fast.  

Google launched two new products to offer more relevance to your customers

 Google AdWords announced two new products, Customer Match and Universal App Campaigns, to help marketers show more relevant content to their audience when they truly need them. Sounds exciting, right? The first product would let you upload an email list to show you content when they will log in. The second product is, however, a great help for app developers.  

Twitter is thinking of revoking its 140 character limit 

 Yes, you heard it right.  Twitter is working on a product, where there will be no 140 character limitations. Are you happy with the news? If you’re a Twitter fan boy, you might find this update scary. Imagine hundreds of long updates coming to your timeline within a minute. But if you’re a marketer, this might excite you a bit, as you’ll get more space to show your marketing messages. Do tell us your thoughts on this.  

Google said not to remove your authorship markup from the server

 Google’ Gary Illyes, at SMX East, said that publishers must not remove their authorship markup from their profile. Surprised? Don’t be. Just follow what the search giant says. Google might be planning something new to use these markups for one of their future projects.