Digital Marketing Myths

Do you still think that Digital Marketing is not for you and your business?

1. My business is a simple business, all I need is more outlets, and web is not relevant  for me.Truth: Any business can use web as a very effective platform. Recently, some 8 to 10 months back we met a preschool product development company from Hongkong. They had an amazing distribution network in India, the products are good and people do buy it. Before venturing into the world of web they felt that web was irrelevant for them. They tried our team as an experiment. Within 2 months, this is what we heard “Over 600 leads were collected in August. All the conversion rates are as good as, or even better than, referrals! During May to Aug, a total of 4427 units have been sold from the online leads! That’s at least USD133k in retail value!” Until and unless you use the web, you will not know how it‟s going to react. Also every new media needs to find its right position in your marketing strategy. For some it may take time and for some it may just fit in easily. In short, every business can use it.  

2. My customers are not web savvy.Truth: It may not be true at all. The current customer base is changing from baby-boomers to Gen Y. Gen Y is quite web-savvy. The growth of Facebook in India, the penetration Orkut had among less web-savvy segment was an eye opener. May be in the first phase, you may not be using web for sales but certainly you can use web for awareness and viral campaigns. is a good example where we have used the Facebook platform to create awareness about Linen and, YES, we got an amazing response.  

3. Web is generally for people who want US customers, businesses that are state or country based may not need it.Truth: As we explained above that how an HK- based company used web to reach Indian customers. Which in turn implies that Indian customers are turning to web for their needs and of course, the growth of Indian web penetration is a positive signal. The early birds will certainly enjoy better benefits but the late entrants may find it really tough to survive. We have a client who is into printing and once had great clients like ford, Ferrari, Stanford, US government etc but with changing times they could not adapt to the web component and lost the game to new entrants. Currently they are finding it really tough to fight with them.  

4. Web is an expensive affair; it will cost more than Rs 10,000.Truth: Web doesn‟t cost much; it is a very flexible media. There is no minimum cost of entrance; there are businesses which are running their websites for free.  

5. I have a website and that’s all I need on web. Truth: Website is never complete, it keeps on evolving. User behavior is tracked on a regular basis and based on it changes are made on the website. Also website can be made more effective by using community participation tools like forums, blogs, wiki, Q&A, FAQs etc. Integrating website with other media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other web applications is also advantageous.  

6. If web is so effective then why my competitors are not using it? That means it’s not effective for our industry.Truth: Everyone will use it. When we recently gave a presentation to one of the large Indian brands, they were not convinced by any of the components unless they discovered their competitors doing it. Most of the competitors have started doing it. They are struggling to make it right; anyone who makes it right will reap good results.,, (many others) have shown that Indian markets can use web-based products if done correctly

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7. Web marketing and maintenance is a time taking affair.Truth: Every form of advertising is time-consuming, but essential to your success. If you don‟t advertise, your business will fail. There are no exceptions to this rule. Marketing requires thought, time, and effort to succeed but as an essential part of your business, web marketing directly related to your rewards at the end of the day 

8. I don’t understand web, websites and web marketing so I won’t be able to do a good job.Truth: You are not the only one; there are many people new to Internet advertising who have a difficult time initially. Internet advertising could be made a little simpler if you stick to some proven techniques, among them Seo is the best option for obtaining targeted website visitors to your web sites. 

9. Web is very technical people like us can’t learn it easily. Truth: It‟s not at all technical. All you need to do is stay involved with the Internet marketing team. Ask them the hard questions. Make sure you don‟t leave the creation and maintenance of webpage content to chance. Highly successful websites are based upon delivering quality [and relevant] content. This can be in the form of product descriptions, services, and other supportive information which are nothing technical. Isn‟t it? 

 10.There is too much to do on the web, one should start only when they know all about the web and its components. Truth: Now, is the time to start. Website is the basic ingredient. And rest of the thread will go on building on its own. You can always hire services of professional agencies. These are people who are all equipped to handle your Endeavour 

11.Social Media is a waste of time.Truth: Social media has huge prospects for businesses; unlike traditional marketing methods, it puts part of the message in the hands of the customers. The most obvious benefits are increased customer loyalty and engagement. Your business will gain exposure not through your own advertisements, but through folks who‟ve already been patrons. We‟re more likely to trust a facebook update or Yelp review from a friend than from the business itself


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