Digital Marketing Must Reads Of February 2017

Digital marketing reports and surveys released in February that you can’t afford to miss.

1) New Survey Shows Content-Enabled Campaigns Becoming A Competitive Necessity For B2B Marketers

Content-enabled campaigns are often tailored to where the buyer is in the funnel, address specific pain points, and can provide useful and relevant benchmark data for the prospect. Read more here

2) The Science of Social Video: Turning Views into Value

This report offers not only a fascinating snapshot into the evolving world of social video, but also a glimpse at the benefits for those brands who are able to turn it to their advantage. Read more here

3) How Long Does It Take To Rank In Google? (A Study By Ahrefs)

Pages from websites with a high Domain Rating (DR) performed way better than those with a low DR. Which shouldn’t come as a surprise, because Ahrefs’ Domain Rating metric (shows the strength of a website’s backlink profile) correlates well with Google rankings. Read more here

4) Organizations Wasting Billions on Customer Loyalty Programs That Don’t Work Like They Used To, Accenture Strategy Study Finds

Unfortunately, Millennials aren’t enamored with most current loyalty programs. In fact, the research revealed they are more likely to have a negative reaction to a company’s attempt to earn their loyalty. Therefore, it is critical that companies understand Millennials’ impressions of loyalty and then tailor language and experiences to their values and behaviors. Read more here

5) The 2017 Digital Trends From 14,000 Marketers

As companies prioritise their digital marketing efforts we continue to see the focus in 2017 on creating a seamless, consistent and valuable experience for their audiences and having the teams in place to help achieve this. Read more here