COVID-19: Brands Changing Their Logos As A Part Of Their Communication Strategy

This is not normal! Or is this the new normal? As people across the world try to navigate between the “not normal” and “the new normal”, they feel the weight of these times. Such difficult times bring their own challenges to what and how brands should communicate with the users. One of the recent communication trends that’s got everyone’s attention is brands promoting social distancing and staying home by redesigning their logos. Here’s a list of 10 talked-about logo redesigns of the Covid-19 times. For more Covid-19 campaigns, check out this online marketing course that includes 100+ campaigns to get inspired from. 

1) Coca Cola

The beverage maker’s ad on the Times Square billboard features its brand name with space between each letter. Underneath read the message, “Staying apart is the best way to stay united.”

2) Audi

The German luxury car manufacturer in a tweet shows the four interconnected rings in its logo sliding apart

3) Chiquita

The fruit company, removed its famous mascot Miss Chiquita from their logo. “I’m already home” read the caption of the updated logo on Instagram.

4) Volkswagen

The automaker featured a version of their iconic brand where the “V” and “W” are separated.

5) Mercado Libre

The Latin American e-commerce giant redesigned its logo to promote the importance of social distancing and good hygiene. They changed the iconic logo from a handshake to an elbow bump.

6) Inter Miami CF

David Beckham’s Inter Miami club altered its logo to share the message of social distancing.

7) Tech Mahindra

 The IT services company tweaked its logo to show the “e” boxed inside a home.

8) Pizza Hut 

Pizza Hut’s logo now says Pizza Home to remind people to stay home and stay home.

9) Central 

The shopping centre tweaked its logo to raise awareness on the importance of staying home.

10) Fevicol 

The adhesive brand tweaked its logo by pushing the elephants farther apart with a tagline promoting social distancing.