Christmas Campaigns of 2014 That Will Tug at Your Heartstrings

Take a sneak peek into the best Christmas campaigns of 2014. They will bring you Christmas joy, inspire you to do something for your loved ones and some would even help you select presents. So, let’s hop in:

1. Meet the cutest Penguin on Earth with John Lewis: John Lewis has come up with a great concept to inspire people make this Christmas special for their loved ones with the tagline “Give someone the Christmas they’ve been dreaming of”. It’s a tale of two friends, a boy and his penguin friend, Monty. Watch this video and you will understand why this is our favorite. The beautifully crafted video racked up more than 19 million YouTube views so far.  

2. Christmas is for sharing and Sainsbury’s shows how:  Do you know about World War 1 Christmas Truce? If you do, you will connect with the ad better. Set on the same backdrop, the ad depicts the story of Christmas in 1914 poignantly and with the right touch of sentimentality. That moment when the opposing British and German soldiers emerge from their trenches to exchange Christmas wishes and gifts – is an eye-watering one. The ad ends with the British soldier gifting a Sainsbury’s to a German soldier. While some are calling it insensitive and disrespectful the others are going gung-ho over the ad. It’s managed to fetch over 14 million YouTube views. For this ad Sainsbury’s partnered with the Royal British legion (RBL). The supermarket will donate all profits from the sale of a (£1) chocolate bar that you see in the ad to the RBL.  They say it right. When you want to generate virality, controversy works best.   

3. Grandma knows the secret and so do millions of Mulberry fans:  Christmas is all the more exciting because of the presents. And when you get the present of your dream, it becomes even more special and the person, who gives it, stays on your favourite list for a long time.  We see a girl opening her Christmas gifts with her family members. Each one tries their best to make their gift stand out from the crowd. We see the girl unwrapping gifts of all sizes and shape – from portrait to puppy. We also see a unicorn as well! But the expression on the girl’s face when she unwraps the gift from her grandma is the best. Check the ad to see what did she get. Truly, grannies are angels. Right? The ad’s gone viral on Twitter with #WinChristmas. And on YouTube it fetched more than 1 million views.  

4. Marks & Spencer loses celebs and brings the magic back with fairies:  Unlike last year’s star-stubbed Christmas campaign, M&C spreads the magic dust with the help of two very hard-working fairies. This is a continuation of their ‘Magic and Sparkle’ campaign, where these two fairies are seen to amaze people, sometimes with the perfect gift ideas and sometimes by finding a lost cat. The video received more than 3 million YouTube views. The brand uses a hashtag #FollowTheFairies, which is now viral on Twitter.  

5. Make someone feel special this Christmas:  Christmas spending time with family and friends, no matter how far you stay. Boots’ Christmas campaign pays tribute to the strong bond, the members of a family share. The ad features several people walking up at the midnight of Christmas to give a surprise visit to a person, who is returning from work. Boots has used the hashtag #SpecialBecause to initiate conversations from their Twitter followers. The video, however, did not do so well in comparison to other Christmas campaigns, in spite of the fact that it leaves you with a stong emotion.  

6. Tell them what you want this Christmas, but in style: You don’t get your dream presents all the time. Right? Sometimes, they are not just your “kind of things”. Harvey Nichols understands it and found a solution to the problem like no one did before. The advert features a young woman thinking of the well-meaning yet unwanted presents that she received from her aunt. But this year she wants her to give a gift that she really wants. She orders a customized card from Harvey Nichols, stating exactly what she desires this Christmas. Harvey Nichols has designed the campaign to promote their new app to allow users customize and print their cards. The video racked up more than 1 million YouTube views.  

7. Who does not want a less ordinary present on Christmas?  A good gift becomes a great one when the recipient can truly relate himself/herself with it. Not on the High Street’s Christmas campaign focuses on the same idea. The ad features a series of unusual characters but they look perfect the moment they find the right presents for them. The main idea behind this campaign was to focus on the unique products at the retailer’s store. The video got over 600k views on YouTube.  

8. Happy Holidays from Coca Cola:

When it comes to Christmas, Coca Cola never misses a chance to promote their “Happiness” campaign. This year too Coca Cola did something along the same lines. This year’s ad features the number “Make Someone Happy” by American jazz singer Jimmy Durante..

 9. Waitrose’s new approach on this Christmas: Waitrose chooses to be different in addressing people’s emotions on this Christmas. Instead of depicting a consumerist attitude, it focuses on its mission statement: its employee-owned philosophy. The spot features a little girl, who is given the task of making gingerbread with the help of a Waitrose employee. 

10. Aldi presents the longest dining table on Christmas: Aldi partnered with TV personality, Jools Holland for their 2014 Christmas campaign. It showcases a long chain of Christmas dinner setups. Some are traditional and some features non-traditional approach of the celebration. But each one of them brings in the joy of the festivity. Hope you enjoyed going through these amazing campaigns.TechShu wishes you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  


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