Christmas Ads 2017 – The Most Viewed Ones

Welcome to our Christmas wrap-up, a collection of ads that went viral in 2017. These ads tug at your heartstrings; no wonder why the internet fell in love with them. 

1. A Magical Holiday by H&M 

Here we see a dad telling his daughter a fascinating bedtime story where the daughter brings joy to unhappy children. Watch the ad featuring Nicki Minaj here.

2. #MozTheMonster by John Lewis 

This quirky ad starts with a kid who has trouble sleeping as he friends a monster that lives under his bed. The two friends have fun together during the night, leaving the kid tired by the day. He receives a Christmas gift which finally helps him to get a good night’s sleep.

3. “Parking Lot” by Audi 

It’s Christmas, and people are out shopping gifts, crowding stores and malls. Two men, each driving an Audi, by coincidence, enter a mall’s parking lot at the same time, only to discover that there’s only 1 parking space left. Watch the ad as the two drivers race each other for the only parking space left.

4. Get More Out of Giving by 

Christmas is all about giving. A young girl gives pink-wrapped gifts to her dear ones and Santa is the last on her checklist. She travels through the snow at night to give the gift to Santa. Watch the interesting twist of the ad story here.

5. #LoveTheBear by M&S Christmas

Just when Santa is facing trouble spreading gifts, a bear helps him continue. Santa is contented when he sees smiles on children’s faces after receiving gifts. Watch the ad.

6. #everybitofChristmas by Sainsbury’s Ad 

The holiday season is about sharing happiness. This ad shows people all over Britain singing small parts of a festive song. This ad is a wonderfully compiled video and is a must-watch.

7. #ReadyForTakeOff by Argos   

No one should be sad or disappointed during Christmas, and Argos affirms this by highlighting their adept delivery service in this funny ad. Watch it here.

8. Kevin The Carrot by Aldi UK

Kevin the carrot discovers a special someone on a dining table full of platter. Watch his journey to finally meet her.

9. Undisputed Christmas by JD Sports 

JD Sports showcase their wide range of brand collection for winter through this sporty playthrough ad.

10. #YouShall Find Your Fairytale Christmas by Debenhams

A story about love at first sight, the 1:30 minutes ad brilliantly puts fairytale elements to portray the story. Watch the ad here.

11. #WinChristmas by Mulberry 

It’s a Christmas morning in England and a family competes to give the best gift. Who wins at last? Watch the ad to find out.

12. #ShowThemYouKnowThem by Boots UK

Christmas gifts should be such that they really touch hearts and be of a special value. Watch the ad depicting the message here.

13. The Supporting Act by BBC 

Moments are joyous when shared. This ad shows how a dad, at last, shows supports to her daughter when she performs at a Christmas talent show.

14. A Very Merry Mistake by Air New Zealand 

Santa and his team misinterpret Christmas gift orders of children from New Zealand with their kiwi accent. Santa then takes help from Air New Zealand flight attendants.

15. The Snowman and The Snowdog by Barbour 

Magic can happen when there’s snowfall during Christmas Eve. Here’s a small clip depicting a magical Christmas story.

16. “Give” by Amazon 

Amazon brings their packaging boxes to life as they sing a festive song whilst on the delivery journey. Watch the ad here.

17. Best Christmas Ever by Asda 

A girl sneaks into a candy factory with her grandfather. Together, they embark on amazing journey inside the factory.

18. Free From by Morrisons

Morrisons highlights their wide range of free-from products in this ad depicting a cute bonding of a brother and his sister. Watch the ad here

19. Sky Cinema Christmas Advert 2017

A Christmas movie can bring people together. Wonderfully portrayed, this heart-touching ad is a must watch.

20. Stars by RSPCA 

Christmas is Christmas when you are helpful and have a kind heart. Watch the ad depict the kindness of RSPCA staffs over a worn out puppy toy.

21. ‘A White Christmas’ by TK Maxx

A promotion of Christmas offers done in a humorous way. Watch the hilarious video here.

22. #FirstChristmas by Shooting Star Chase

The first Christmas since losing a loved one isn’t easy for families. Watch this hard-hitting ad depicting the message.

23. Luxury Raspberry & Pistachio Layered Pavlova by Iceland Foods 

Watch this 20-second clip as a young girl opens her Christmas gift, only to discover that it’s a Raspberry & Pistachio Pavlova.

24. Now It Feels Like Christmas by David Jones Store

Nothing is more pleasing than spending a warm time with your family during Christmas. Watch a gingerbread man embark on an adventurous journey to meet his family.

25. #GiftsThatSayItAll by Gemporia

Christmas gifts are meant to be shared with everyone. Watch the ad as Fig the Pug encounters Santa bringing gifts for everybody in the family.