Cannes Lion 2015 Outdoor Awards

Unicef Fatty, Nerd – 2 Gold Lions – Agency: PROLAM Y&R

This is an anti-cyberbullying campaign with the copy, “One shot is enough”.  

Ecofill Ink Cartridges – Gold Lion – Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Colombia

This hilarious Colombian campaign shows how it affects your work when you’re running out of printer ink cartridge. 

KFC Menu Items – Gold Lion – Agency: BBDO Proximity Malaysia

Does our month take the shape of the food that we’re longing? Think!

Alghanim Motors – Honda/Honda Accord GPS Gold Lion – Agency: Impact & Echo BBDO, Kuwait

Have you ever witnessed a local giving road direction with snaking arms? Then you would relate to this ad. 

The Sunday Times Rich List – Gold Lion – Agency: Grey London

This is to promote the British newspaper’s “Rich List”, featuring Elton John, Richard Branson and Simon Cowell as fat cats. 

Throatsil – Gold Lion – Agency: BBDO Proximity Bangkok, Thailand

This ad is dedicated to popular yellers like Alex Ferguson, Gordon Ramsay and Mick Jagger.

Abrinq Foundation – Save The Children – Gold Lion – Agency: Lew’Lara\TBWA São Paulo, Brazi

This campaign is created to raise awareness about child labor, as many developing countries use children to create fashion attires. 

Too Many/ Female Genital Mutilation – Gold Lion – Agency: Ogilvy & Mather London

 This campaign was aimed at raising awareness that female genital mutilation also happens in Europe, and not in just third-world countries.  

We are not crime – Gold Lion – Agency: DDB Madrid

Holograms for Freedom – Case Study from Javier Urbaneja on Vimeo.

Water for Africa – Gold Lion – Agency: Ogilvy Paris

Siabatou Sanneh, a Gambian woman walked the entire course of Paris marathon with a 44 pound water container on her head , just to raise awareness of the difficulties Africans face everyday.

The Marathon Walker Teaser EN from Water for Africa on Vimeo.

Security Moms – Gold Lion – Agency: Ogilvy São Paulo, Brazil

The rivalry between Sport Club do Recife and Náutico is legendary. So, Recife  decided to train the moms of the fans, so they could take care of their sons during the matches. 

Samsung Safety Truck – Gold Lion – Agency: Leo Burnett Buenos Aires

This ad is created to promote road safety in Buenos Aires, where road accidents take hundreds of lives each year. 

Breathe Again – Gold Lion – Agency: Y&R Shanghai

In China, over 5 lakh people die of air pollusion and mostly they’re coming from factories. So, Xiao Zhu, a Chinese company that sells air purifiers, wanted to seek attention to the issue with this beautiful spot.


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