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9 Indian Accounts That are Doing Content Marketing Well

We are living in an age of content overload. If you look around, you will see everyone trying to master the art of content marketing. But only a few have mastered it. For these brands, content marketing is not about getting lucky once or twice. It's about nailing it every time. 

Here's a rundown of 9 Indian social accounts that are consistently doing great. So, we thought to dig deeper and share some of their success stories with you.

Digital Marketing Training For Corporate - Campaigns To Get Inspired From

From creating ROI-driven strategies and driving business-wide innovation to keep organisations ahead in an ever-changing market to driving sales - today, the role of marketers has changed. The role is now deeply entrenched in the business as it touches all important aspects. Though, the role of marketers has changed. But has the mindset changed? Seth Godin nailed it when he said

Experiential Marketing: How These Retailers Are Leveraging Its Power

Creating a meaningful relationship with customers isn't easy in today's crowded and competitive retail landscape. To stand out from the crowd and capture the attention of consumers, retailers are moving towards experiential marketing campaigns - and rightfully so. For example, Google's pop-up stores, Ralph Lauren's interactive touch-screen mirrors in their flagship location in New York, Samsung 837, and Apple stores aren't just normal retail stores ( well, some don't even sell anything), instead they create experiences which in overtime builds brand loyalty and drive revenues. 

Restaurant Chains That're Rocking Social Media


1. McDonald’s - Don't Pay. Simply Hug 

The fast food giant, McDonald’s is a champion when it comes to take their fans by fascination by running super interesting social media campaigns. During the 2015 Super Bowl, McDonald’s launched the “Pay With Lovin’” campaign where random customers were selected who paid for their order with ‘loving gestures’. The servers at McDonald’s stores accepted ‘loving gestures’ such as family hugs instead of cash during the promotion times (which ran from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. from February 2 to February 14). 

50 Ads From 2016 That You Shouldn't Miss At Any Cost - #2016TechShuSeries

1) Buster the Boxer – John Lewis

So, the hero of 2016 is a boxer dog called Buster who we see happily jumping on trampoline on the Christmas morning. He’s not the only animal starring in the ad; there’re computer generated foxes, badger, squirrel and even a hedgehog – which most of the viewers would mistake for real-life animals! Watch the ad to know why it’s become the most shared ad of 2016, as per Unruly’s annual ‘Top 20 Global Video Ads Chart’.