Best B2B Marketing Campaigns To Get Inspired From

Best B2B Marketing Campaigns To Get Inspired From

B2B buyers navigate the purchase path like any other shopper does. Which is why we are seeing many B2B brands leveraging the power of emotional & rational narrative – which not only helps the businesses emotionally connect with the B2B buyers but also helps them maintain top-of-mind awareness. Looking for a B2B digital marketing agency to help you leverage the power of digital to drive meaningful engagement and new acquisitions? Get in touch with our marketing team – for a free audit and our B2B case studies. You can also check our B2B digital marketing approach to understand how we look at ourselves as problem solvers first, then marketers, and then digital marketers. 

Inspiring & Successful B2B Marketing Campaigns  

Here’s a list of B2B marketing campaign examples where the brands have moved away from traditional brand practices and have engaged consumers with inspirational, fun, actionable and educational content. 

1) GE Instawalk

It was the first ever Instawalk hosted by a brand. The company invited 6 Instagram influencers and 6 GE aviation fans to its aviation facility in Peebles, OH where they took innovative photographs of different facilities and machines. To make it engaging, GE ran a contest on Instagram to select the aviation fans where users had to comment on GE’s InstaWalk post with one sentence on why they were the biggest GE aviation geeks.

2) Google’s ‘Search Like a G’ Series

To mark Google’s 20th Anniversary, the search giant created a B2B marketing campaign featuring BBC’c famous comedy character Chabuddy G. The 4-part humorous series explains how search helps entrepreneurs and businesses reach their target audience.

3) Nielsen Around the World

This campaign featuring an interactive map and a series of short “behind-the-scenes” videos by the field associates brings the company’s story to life. The content takes the users right to the heart of where all the action takes place – from shopping centers and offices to villages across 100+ countries around the world. Rather than saying to businesses that Nielsen provides best-in-class consumer and audience measurement, the data analytics company showcased its field associates giving an insight into what goes behind collecting the data that the clients depend on.

4) TE Connectivity’s The Science Behind Science Fiction

It’s one of the best B2B marketing campaigns of 2019 – as we saw TE Connectivity, a global industrial technology leader, leveraging the power of Hollywood to reach new audiences and remain top-of-mind among the next generation of engineer customers working at start ups and big names in the manufacturing industry. It was also a great way to reenergize the existing TE employees around the brand and company’s purpose.

The content produced for TE’s Alita: Battle Angel campaign included exclusive behind the scenes, celebrity interviews and VIP sweepstakes experiences which were promoted across TE’s website, social media accounts, emails, media events, OOH and internal channels.

5) IBM’s When Neurodiversity Works

This campaign to raise awareness for IBM’s IGNITE Application Testing offering is completely different from the traditional B2B brand practices. They zeroed in on storytelling done in an authentic way – they created a short-length documentary titled – When Neurodiversity Works. It documents the stories of four individuals with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their journey to find purposeful work and independence. They also published a series of articles on the benefits of bringing neurodiverse thinking to the workplace. Also, a social campaign was launched during Autism Awareness Month.

6) Solace’s What Could Go Wrong 

This campaign to raise awareness of the Solace brand and launch the brand’s new product called PubSub+ (a free, cloud-based messaging software) uses dry humor and comedy to connect with the developer community. It demonstrates Solace’s unique offerings in a tone and language that’s relevant to the community – thus making them an integral part of the marketing campaign. Since the launch of the campaign the brand saw a 207% increase in cloud sign-ups for PubSub+ and a lot of conversations within the developer community around the campaign.

7) Owens-Illinois’ Glass Is Life

Owens-Illinois (O-I), world’s leading glass bottle manufacturer, launched a global campaign Glass is Life to raise awareness of glass as a packaging material. The integrated campaign leveraged the power of different channels – from print and social to events and brand partnerships. While it sells directly to businesses, the Glass is Life campaign is aimed towards engaging the consumers and making them aware of the benefits of glass as a packaging material. As one of the many innovative initiatives, the B2B brand attended South by Southwest music festival where it was a sponsor of a private music event where glass serving products were not allowed. O-I took a creative approach – and branded the plastic serving cups with “Glass Is Life” on one side and “My Other Cup Is a Glass” on the other. In addition to it, O-I also hosted an engaging and fun bottle-painting booth, where people could paint bottles, take pictures and post them on Instagram. With regular social media content, O-I delivers the many benefits of glass packaging including – foods and liquids packaged in glass remain themselves; glass is sustainable; glass is healthy and has quality.

8) Olo’s

Olo, a food-ordering software company, noticed that users were requesting drawings on their takeout bags. So, it launched where the customers’ requests like “Draw me a boxing kangaroo” or “Draw a panda eating a sandwich on the bag” were fulfilled. The quirky requests and the equally quirky designs at caught the attention of the users and as more and more industry prospects and customers started visiting they also visited As a result, became a top traffic referral to Also, visitors from are more engaged than the normal visitors and hence stay longer at and browse more pages at the website.

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