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8 Rare-known Yet Effective Facebook Attributes for Brands

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As the home to the largest internet crowd, Facebook is equally embraced by brands and individuals. According to marketingpilgrim.com, each Facebook user spends 21 minutes daily on the network, which is quite high compared to its contemporaries. That’s the reason that Facebook is still considered the goldmine for businesses. There are more than 50 million business pages on Facebook. However, there are still many rare-known features, which need to be explored, especially if you are a Facebook marketer.  
Let’s take a tour!
Adding Call-to-Action to non-ad posts: You must have added different Calls-to-Action to Facebook ads. Let us show you how to add Call-to-Action to an organic post. 
  • Go to Power Editor.
  • You must hold a page role to add the page to the editor.
  • Click on ‘Manage Pages’ on the left upper corner of your screen and select the page, for which you are preparing the post from the left-most panel. 
  • Click on ‘Create Post’ and a window will pop up.
  • Fill in the required information, image and an apt Call-to-Action. 
  • Select the post as an organic post on the page.
  • You can select the language and locations for your post from here. 
  • And hit ‘Create Post’.
  • As soon as you would create it, it would be listed as an unpublished post with a blue half moon sign. 
  • Select it from the list and click on ‘Update Changes’ from the top bar of the page. 
  • Your post will be visible on the destination page. 
Adding Call-to-Action to Facebook ads from Self-Serve ad tool: According to the popular belief, Calls-to-Action cannot be added with the self-serve ad tool. But there is one exception. If you want to redirect your audience to an external webpage with the ‘Clicks to Website’ option, Facebook allows you to add Call-to-Action with it. 
Finding TAT and more: With the new Facebook layout, many page managers are missing TAT (Talking  About This) on the homepage of the business pages. Even though, TAT is not visible right beside the Like count like before, but the number is still available. 
Click on the ‘Likes’ of any business page and it will land on a small part of the page analytics, which includes TAT, growth of Likes over one week and most engaged users’ location and age group. 
Getting page post stats on the spot: Every page post shows the total reach as “x people reached” at the bottom. Click on the number. It will provide you with amazingly minute details of its engagement performance.
Embedding public posts: This is nothing new, if you are familiar with how embed posts work on social media. You can embed any public post to feature on your website and blog. These posts are more interactive in terms of user experience, as the real-time changes to the original post engagement is directly visible on your website. 
Just go to the down-arrow sign next to the post and select ‘Embed Post’ from the drop-down menu. A short code will appear and you just need to copy and paste the code on the destination site. 
Emailing directly from Facebook’s email id: Are you aware of your Facebook mail id? It’s your username@facebook.com. Try mailing from your personal mail id to your Facebook mail id. It will reach the email, associated with your Facebook account. This feature is very effective if you want to reach a person and you don’t know his mail id.  
Rearranging page sections: There are several elements on the left-hand sidebar of a business page like People, Photos, apps, Likes etc. Page managers can actually rearrange these sections in order to make their page look more professional and clean.
Hover the mouse on any section and you will find the hidden pencil icon. Click on ‘Manage’ and then ‘Manage Sections’. People and About sections cannot be changed. You can drag and re-order other sections. Save and off you go! 

This feature is important if you want to highlight or downplay any of these elements. 
Every component of posts is editable: We all know that Facebook posts should be optimized properly, so that it catches its due attention on Facebook’s internal search engine. 
For this reason, Facebook allows you to edit all the elements of your page posts. You can write post summery, upload image, change the heading and description to place the keywords at right places. 
As we all know, Facebook keeps changing its algorithm every now and then. These features are still available in the fourth quarter of 2014. Explore and utilize them until Facebook makes changes to a few of them, again! 
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