7 SEO Myths You Must Get Rid of NOW!

This is the time when we must get rid of these SEO myths.  

Myth # 1: SEO does not work: 

Truth: SEO is not at all obsolete. Yes, SEO may take some time to show results. But when your honest efforts start showering results, there is no looking back. However, there are two conditions. You need to devote your time and abide by the rules, specified by the search engines.  

 Techcrunch needs no introduction and you can see how they get all the traffic from only SEO or organic SEO.  

Myth # 2: Expired domain? Now you can hide the bad history:

Truth: You can buy an expired domain only if it’s the best one available for your business. There is a popular myth that an expired domain shades off all the baggages, including spams and backlisting history. Here is the breaking news: Google and other search engines don’t remove the issues, even if the domain is expired. So, before buying an expired domain check it’s history.  

Myth # 3: Domain is all that matters:

Myth 3.1: People say that domain age plays a vital role in SEO. But the truth is, factors like the quality of your content is more important than domain age. So, if you think that you can’t do well simply because your website is new, time to rethink your chances. Myth 3.2: Location specific domain works better than a global one for a particular region. But we’re saying if your content is good, your chances to get Google’s attention is certain, no matter what your domain is. Here is an example. 

 We’re a .com domain. And our website appears on the first page, even if we search on google.co.in.  Myth # 3.3: Your website domain must have the main business keyword in it. Refer to the previous example. We don’t have “SEO”, “PPC” or “Social Media” in our domain, but still search engines give priority to us. It again proves that content is still the king.  

Myth # 4: Your site needs more pages, more content and long content:

Truth: Google and other search engines do give priority to websites with more number of pages and content but they all must be relevant to the site. If you flood your website with irrelevant and old content, this may backfire. The best practice is, however, add relevant content on your website and update them according to the latest industry developments.  

Myth # 5: Sitemap is critical 

Truth: It’s true that a clear sitemap helps search engines crawl and index your site. But it does not ensure that you will get a boost in ranking. But if you pay attention to your content, you are more likely to get a search engine preference.  

 We submitted our site map properly and always make sure its clear and easy to access for search engines. In addition to that, we also create valuable content for our viewers, which plays a pivotal role in SEO.  

Myth # 6: Link-building is dead, completely:

Truth: Link building is not dead but random link building is. Confused? Don’t be. Link building is still the best practice for SEO, if you create high quality backlinks. Search engines always value backlinks, if they come from a reputed and high ranking website.  

Myth # 7: Social media does not help in SEO

Truth: Social networks do help in SEO, if you use them properly to send traffic to your website. It’s the platform, where your content gets shared. Even though Google may not consider this as a signal to rank websites but it definitely increases your website’s visibility and traffic.   

 Unicorns are beautiful but they don’t exist. You can still believe in these myths, but they can get you nowhere. Food for thought, huh? If you too have any question or confusion regarding search engine optimization, shoot a message. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.