50 Email Marketing Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

Email marketing when done right can positively impact your entire marketing mix.  Below mentioned are some interesting stats to help you understand how customers and marketers view emails –  

Popularity of emails and its usage in marketing 

1. There were 3.6 billion email accounts in 2013, which is expected to reach 4.3 billion by the end of 2016. (Source – Radicati)

2. 68% of marketers consider email as the core marketing strategy of their business. (Source – State of Marketing)

3. Digital marketers ranked email marketing as the most effective method for creating brand awareness, lead acquisition, conversion, and customer retention. (Source – Gigaom Research)

4. 49% of marketers confirmed that they send over 500,000 emails in a year. (Source – MarketingCloud)

5. 43% of companies that run email campaigns have a dedicated emailing team of 2-3 members. (Source – Sales Force)

6. Almost 88% of marketers are using email campaigns as an effective marketing tool. (Source – State of Marketing) 

7. 59% of marketers planned to increase their email campaign budget in 2015. (Sales Force)

8. Only 15% of digital marketers currently use abandoned cart emails. (Source – 2014 State of Marketing) 

9. 43% email marketers found birthday campaigns very useful. (Source – MarketingCloud) 

Can emails generate ROI?

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10. Email marketing generates an average 4,300% ROI for businesses in the United States. (Source – Direct Marketing Association)

11. 67% of email marketers confirmed that emails the primary method to attract and engage leads. (Source – Forbes)

12. 40% of B2B marketers voted email marketing as their top marketing technique to acquire high quality leads. (Source – Mark the Marketer)

13. 20% of marketers confirmed that their company’s major revenue source is associated with email campaigns. (Source – Pardot)

14. Companies that use emails to nurture leads are more likely to get 50% more sales-ready leads. (Source – Hubspot)

15. 66% of email readers purchased something as a result of an email encounter. (Source – Mark the Marketer)

16. Companies that run regular email campaigns get leads at 33% lower cost. (Hubspot)

17. When it comes to ROI, emails generate $44.25 for every $1 spent (Source – ExactTarget)

18. Nurtured leads got through emails generate an increased sales opportunity by 20% in comparison to non-nurtured leads. (Hubspot)

19. 60% of marketers said that emails are the most crucial enabler of products and services. (Source – Sales Force)

20. 76% of opens take place in the first two days after an email is sent. Email open rate is relatively lower during the weekends. (Source – Mark the Marketer)

What does the email receiver think? 

21. 95% of all who subscribed for email from businesses found the messages very useful. (Source – Salesforce) 22. If the email does not display or open correctly, chances are that more than half of your audience (71.2%) would delete it immediately. (Source – BlueHornet) 23. The two most influencing factors for open rates are the “From” email id and the subject line with 64% and 47% impact score respectively. (Source – Chadwick Martin Bailey) 24. 70% of email subscribers always open emails that come from their favorite brands. (Source – ExactTarget) 25. 69.7% of US email subscribers confirmed that emails are their preferred way to communicate with a businesses. (Source – eMarketer) 26. 69% of mobile users immediately delete an email, if it does not open properly on their mobile device. (Source – Forbes) 27. 95% of email subscribers want a brand to chase them as potential customers. (Source – Forbes) 28. 7 in 10 email subscribers use a discount coupon from a promotional email. (Source – Mark the Marketer) 29. Women are 10% more likely to click on an email than men (Source – Mark the Marketer)

How to boost email marketing success? 

30. 64% of internet users confirmed that they open emails after scrutinizing the subject line. Subject lines with “Daily” and “Weekly” generate higher open rates and CTR compared to those with “Monthly” mentioned in the subject. (Mark the Marketer) 31. Email marketers have only 3 to 4 seconds to arrest their readers’ attention (Source – Litmus) 32. Promotional emails that are personalized generate 29% increased unique open rates and 41% more unique CTR than their non-personalized counterparts. (Source – Experian) 33. Brands that practice email segmentation generate 39% more open rates and 28% lower unsubscription. (Source – Lyris Annual Email Optimizer Report) 34. Marketing automation can give you a higher conversion rate by more than 50% (Source – Aberdeen Group) 35. The top 3 metrics to measure success rate of an email campaign are: CTR (47%), conversion rate (43%), and click-to-open rate (38%). (Sales Force) 36. The top 3 most successful email campaigns are mobile opt-ins (76%), birthday emails (75%), and transactional emails (74%). (Source – Marketing Cloud) 37. When companies are asked how they would improve on their emails, they chose the top 3 categories as personalization (64%), marketing automation (64%), and segmentation (62%). (Source – EConsultancy) 38. The top 3 emails are newsletters (66%), promotional content (54%), and welcome series emails (42%). (Source – Marketing Cloud) 39. Email marketers ranked the top 3 aspects of emails as content and design (79%), campaign management (74%), and contact management (74%) (Pardot)

What about mobile?

40. 38% emails were opened on iPhones, which is more than all collected desktop opens  (34%) in Q1 2014. (Source – MovableInk) 41. More than 70% of all mobile purchases are influenced by promotional e-mail campaigns (Source – Mark the Marketer) 42. Time spent for reading email on desktop vs. mobile:    Desktop:   0-3 seconds: 37.88%  3-15 seconds: 24.67%  15+ seconds: 37.45%   Mobile:   0-3 seconds: 41.01%  3-15 seconds: 24.93%  15+ seconds: 34.06%(Source – MovableInk) 43. 64% of business decision makers read emails on their mobile device. (Source – EmailExpert) 44. 91% of email subscribers check their emails at least once on their smartphone device every day (Source – ExactTarget) 45. One third of email marketers said that their subscribers read email messages on their mobile devices half of the time. (Source – Pardot) 46. 72% of US email receivers get or send emails through smartphones. (Forrester) 47. 48% of emails are opened on smartphones but only 11% of them are actually optimized for mobile. (Source – Forbes) 

Email and social media?

48. Emails are more effective than social media with a 17% increased value in the conversion rates. (Source – McKinsey & Company) 49. Emails embedded with social sharing buttons increase CTR by 158%. (Source – Nonprofit Hub)  50. Emails are almost 40X more effective than Facebook and Twitter marketing, as far as acquiring customers are concerned. (Source – McKinsey & Company)