5 Ways In Which Content Marketing & PPC Go Hand in Hand

5 Ways In Which Content Marketing & PPC Go Hand in Hand - Techshu Blog

There is a lot of debate about whether organic or paid marketing is better. Some believe that content marketing is the gift that keeps on giving, while others believe that PPC is a great way to increase conversion rates and deliver fast predictable results.

No matter which of the above teams you belong to, how about combining both strategies and creating a hybrid digital marketing campaign?

As a content marketing and PPC company in Kolkata that understands both disciplines individually and in tandem, we believe neither strategy should be implemented exclusively.

Hence, this blog will discuss the intersection of PPC and Content Marketing and why they are better together. So let’s get started.

1. Gets you more trust and attention

As a PPC company in Kolkata, we run ad campaigns aimed at specific demographics and direct potential customers to optimized landing pages. 

According to a survey, 57% of people are willing to complete their purchase if they trust the brand. With content marketing, you can add social proof and authenticity to your PPC ads by using information-rich blogs, reviews, FAQs, and security badges. Ultimately, this will build trust and drive conversions.

2. Facilitates trial and error of your content elements

As soon as your ad becomes active, you must conduct A/B testing of the landing page elements, including placement of the CTA buttons, copy, graphics, frequency and timing of the opt-in form, etc. 

While providing PPC Marketing services in Kolkata, we also experiment with different word counts, headings, writing styles, and layouts of multiple blog posts. In addition, we track metrics like average time on the page, returning visitors, social shares, and bounce rate for at least a week before determining audience preferences. 

3. Ensures the promotion of laser-focused content

Content marketing is a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness and driving conversions. However, while content marketing supports your SEO initiatives, success isn’t guaranteed overnight. Therefore, when doing content promotion, well-targeted PPC ads are crucial to attracting the right eyeballs and keeping your brand at the top of their mind.

4. Caters to your audience’s expectations

Some people may express interest in your brand or product by visiting your website or clicking on your ad, only to be one step away from making a purchase. Enter retargeting ads. They are known for their high conversion rates and ROI.

When a prospect adds a product to their cart but is yet to complete the purchase, our PPC company in Kolkata promotes a contextually relevant blog post, subtly promoting the product while delivering actionable advice.

5. Analyze PPC keyword data for content insights

Keywords are one thing that SEO and PPC campaigns have in common.

If you want to find out which keywords in your organic campaign drive the highest traffic and revenue, look at your PPC Keyword data. 

Based on our years of experience providing PPC marketing services Kolkata, commercial intent and brand keywords yield a much higher CTR than generic ones.

Wrapping Up

Indeed, content marketing and PPC often run alongside each other, but finding common ground between them can be challenging. Your marketing efforts must integrate PPC and organic content if you want to achieve the best of both worlds, i.e., immediate results and long-term growth.

Now that you are convinced that content marketing and PPC can coexist, instead of dealing with fast-paced PPC campaigns and creating months of content on your own, we recommend getting help from an experienced PPC company in Kolkata.  

At TechShu, we specialize in PPC marketing services Kolkata. In addition to knowing what is working now, we also know what will bear fruit in the future. In other words, we can help your brand grow quickly and sustainably for years. So contact us today to start your growth journey with us!