5 Myths on Social Media Engagement That Need to Be Debunked

Social media engagement – Isn’t the holy grail for social media managers? There have been a lot of speculations around what to do and what not to do to attain the ultimate social media engagement. However, only a few get a taste of it. The main reason being, it’s mostly surrounded by misconceptions and assumptions.  In this article, we’ll take you through 5 such myths on social media engagement that need to be trashed right now.  

# 1: People don’t want to engage with B2B businesses on social media: 

There is a popular myth that main-stream social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are not suitable for B2B marketing. The main reason behind this belief is, people browse social networks mostly for entertainment. However, there are B2B companies that would prove this notion wrong. Let’s take a look at one of the pioneer ones in this.  

 What GE does often on their Facebook page is, they share interesting facts about technology and physics, and present them well on social platforms. This way, they stick to their niche and create huge engagement on the space.  

#2: Influencers only can spread the word about your posts:  

Since Facebook has reduced the organic reach and Twitter has come out to be the busiest platform ever, people think that the only way to increase the reach of their content is influencers outreach. But many businesses have proved it wrong. Amul is a very good example to look up to.  

 Amul never misses an incident to create their famous Amul topical, be it paying homage to Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam or celebrating the success of a movie. They never go overboard with promotion. Still these topicals get hugely popular and accepted by the mass.  

# 3: More posts equal to more engagement: 

Many social media managers are heard to say that more content would get you more engagement. For example, let’s say one of your posts gets a reach of 100 people, while only 2 people ‘Liked’ or ‘Shared’ it. It means that only 2% people engaged with it. If you create more posts, it may increase your one day’s total engagement, but your average per-post engagement would be going down.   

 And we can back it up with data. A recent Social Bakers study proved that a business must not tweet more than thrice a day. And the trend is similar on other social networks as well.  

# 4: More eyeballs equal to more engagement: 

This brings us to the next myth. According to a popular belief, post reach is the most vital factor for social media success. But they forget the fact that post reach is not everything. People need to take an action to create a story on social media, so it reaches others.  

 The major factor here is, making the content reachable to the right audience. Facebook has a great targeting option for organic posts. Once you try it, you’ll start getting more engagement on a post.  

# 5: People want to engage only with brands: 

If you’re a brand, you’re more likely to get more attention. Although this is partially true, but you too can create engagement on your social media posts, provided you do two things right.  First of all, the audience plays the key role to make or break a social content. If it’s not correctly targeted to the right people, it would not drive the desired engagement.  

 Secondly, a well-presented message is all it takes to drive eyeballs to your social content. The thought might be the simplest of all, but the way you present it, makes all the differences. Look at the Ultimate Designs post and see how a simple idea is demonstrated with the such high-level creativity.  What’s your idea of social media engagement? Do these tips work for you? Share with us.