5 Meta Description Tips that Drives Clicks

5 Meta Description Tips that Drives Clicks


Most people won’t understand the importance of creating meta descriptions. But, actually, it plays a vital role in the case of rankings or SERP results. These days, SEO is updating, and the meta descriptions aren’t. 

You indeed have seen this on search engine results like Google. There’s nothing to be surprised about because that’s true. When you search for anything on Google, the description appears below the blue link or meta title, which is called Meta Description. 

In other words, a meta description is a short or 160-characters summary describing your brand, products, or services you provide in the content. SEO content writing services know that these 160 characters will be of immense value, as it helps to organize your site on Google. Therefore, it is vital to make your meta descriptions appealing. However, creating appealing descriptions can create issues. So, the following tips will help you out there. 

Meta Description Should Be In The Form Of:

First, keep in mind that whatever meta description you create should be simple, short, sweet, and a bit engaging. 

It should be between 150 to 160 characters only. However, the reason behind that is no one will like to read an extensive meta description when they have endless search results. 

For example, if you search “SEO agency Kolkata,” you will get many results, including short and simple meta descriptions. So, there is a possibility that you will go with the shortest one having engaging or enough information you need. 

Adding Keywords 

Most will guide you not to put unnecessary words into your meta titles and descriptions. That’s true, but sometimes this strategy fails!

It is better to avoid adding unnecessary words to your meta descriptions. But adding keywords that suit your descriptions and title is an excellent way. The meta description does not need a perfect writing flow, or it is not necessary to complete those 160 characters. It’s all about the engaging word flow to appeal to your readers to click and let them visit your site. 

Getting More Clicks 

You won’t believe it, but two options are available for meta descriptions. Either you can answer the question directly or go with other opinions to make readers curious. 

You can go with the first option, providing fewer clicks and less traffic on your sites. And you don’t need to be more engaging; the straight answer is enough. 

On the other side, go with different options to make it engaging, appealing, and exciting information that increases readers’ curiosity levels, and they will click on it. SEO content writing services can help you create such creative content descriptions. 

Include Brand or Company Names

If your company is recognized on the global, national, or state level, it will be a great idea to put the name into your meta descriptions. It adds more value and reliability to your descriptions, and more readers will get attracted. Let’s understand that with the help of another example. 

Suppose you search for various services of “SEO agency Kolkata”, you will get a lot of options. But, when you see a specific name recognized on many platforms, you may likely check them for what you are searching for. Isn’t that correct? 

Similarly, when you add a brand or company name in your title and descriptions, people will be likelier to click them and collect information.

Must Be Related To Content

Meta description and meta title both are interrelated with the content. Whatever content you write, the meta title and meta description must be based on that information. It might look obvious, but sometimes searchers don’t get the information they want. 

Secondly, your reader will immediately leave your site, which will become a bad user experience. And when that happens, it will be considered a bounce rate by Google, as it has Anti-Clickbait. This will directly affect your Google or SERP rankings. 

The above point looks very scary. Right? However, that’s the reality. So be careful and understand how important it is to create meta descriptions. 


That’s what we have! 

Most will leave this topic by saying it’s only a Meta Description, and this is where they get it wrong. By now, you may have understood how important it is to create a meta description for any content. So, random creation is of no use cause it can affect your rankings on search engine pages. 

However, when you create the meta title and meta description according to the content and the factors provided in this article, then it will indeed boost your website ranking

Your content starts to get clicks or more traffic due to meta description. So, create a meta description carefully with the help of these five tips.