4 new Google Analytics 4 Home page features

4 new Google Analytics 4 Home page features

The latest version of Google Analytics was introduced in October 2020, GA4 is an evolving analytics tool. It carries more advanced features as compared to its predecessor Universal Analytics. The platform combines AI expertise and machine learning to supply upgraded analysis and refined insights.

As a developing tool, Google continuously adds new features to GA4 on the basis of user feedback and dynamic industry trends. At Techshu we believe in providing quality GA4 Analytics Services to our clients and offering solutions with simplicity. Therefore, we keep on updating ourselves along with our clients on the latest Google updates. In this article, we are going to discuss the four new features Google recently included in GA4:


1. Revamped Welcome Guide:

For plenty of users it must be getting difficult to get along with GA4, Therefore google has placed a concise tutorial on the home page of GA4 which teaches crucial concepts and settings to assist users in becoming comfortable with the upgraded tool.


2. The latest banner takes the spotlight on the home page:

Content Managers and moderators who operate Google ads in collaboration with Google Analytics data will now view a banner named “verify your Google ads settings” at the summit of the home page. The banner showcases various tasks that need to be completed to bid against GA4 data, Once all the mentioned tasks are completed the banner disappears.


3. Updates to the “suggested for you” section:

Now in the “suggested for you” section there are two types of cards available. The first one is liked by many users and is highly used in a lot of analytics services offered by Google, the cards are specially designed to help new users of GA4. The other card is utilized by users due to its useful and interesting nature.


4. Brushing Off recommendations and suggestions:

Users can now overlook the cards which they feel are useless in the “suggested for you” or “Insights and recommendations” sections by punching the thumbs-down button. Here google will analyse the actions of users and enhance the user experience by optimizing the content displayed on the homepage. 

As soon as a user clicks on the thumbs-down button the card will vanish from the home page and wouldn’t show for the next 30 days. Still, If the user has not completed the feedback form which appears after clicking the button, the card would still be displaying throughout the remaining part of the ongoing session but will not show in future sessions.

Later on, if users want to access all the insights and recommendations including the dismissed ones they can use the Insight Hub. 

Launching the Setup Assistant

Google Analytics 4 has now placed a button at the bottom right of each of the pages. When you hover over the button the platform will display how many tasks have been finished and how many are remaining. When you click on the button, the setup assistant will show up so that you can continue completing the essential tasks required to set up GA4 accurately. 

Importance of the new GA4 features

  • The new GA4 upgrade allows you to swiftly understand fundamental concepts and configurations with the introductory tutorial. 
  • In addition, the “verify your Google ads settings” banner makes the users aware of all the tasks that must be completed to bid against GA4 data.
  • The upgraded “suggested for you section” can now provide customized content on the basis of what users want.
  • Users now feel empowered and in control of what they want from the platform by gaining the authority of being able to dismiss irrelevant insights and recommendations.
  • Finally, the “setup assistant” guides the users to efficiently conclude the setup process.

With the above-mentioned updates users can now feel the ease with which they can operate GA4. As we said earlier that GA4 is an evolving platform so in future we will see some more updates and improvements to make data analytics provide reports and information in a more easy and filtered way. 

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