3 Social Media Tools To Amplify Your Sales

Does “Social Selling” sound like a unicorn? Beautiful but surreal? Desired but unattainable? What if we say, it’s not impossible, though difficult?  Social media can prove a great channel to send your message across to your target audience. It can also help you in selling too, if used properly. Here are some tools that will help you sell on social media. 

Pinterest product pins:

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing image sharing social networks, that is gradually becoming an ecommerce referral hub. If your target audience is women and moms who belong to a well off family, Pinterest has a lot to offer you.  Pinterest offers rich pins that is an outstanding ecommerce tool. This tool is not only effective to highlight your pins among hundreds of other pins, but also keep them in sync with your E-commerce store.  

 Closely look at the image above and you will understand how a rich pin looks different. Once you click on the rich pin, it will show you minute details about the product, such as price and availability. 

 As you can see in the image, the product is out of stock currently. In case its availability or price changes, the pin will automatically be updated on Pinterest. You don’t need to manually update the specifications. Clicking on it will land the buyer on the specific product page, where he can directly buy it. How to install product rich pins: Here are the guidelines to install product pins on your website, provided by Pinterest.  

Facebook tab application:

Facebook tab applications are a wonderful way to redirect your Facebook audience to your product pages at one click. There are multiple ways to do it. Here are some examples for your understanding.  Store Ya offers an e-store for their Facebook fans, which lead them to the product page on Amazon. 

 Some businesses even offer direct selling without leaving Facebook. Ecwid has an amazing Facebook tab application, where their fans can shop around, add product to the shopping cart, and pay and all these without even leaving the platform.  

How to create Facebook tab application: Find Facebook’s guidelines to create a custom tab application on business pages here.  

Twitter product card:

 Twitter product cards are another way to encourage your followers shop from your site. These cards come with additional product information like product image, price, description, delivery details, availability etc.  

 If you’re on mobile, the card will give you an option to either go to the mobile app, or to the app installation platform, if you don’t have it already. It’s an ideal way to beat the barrier of 140 characters, which seems to be a real problem to many while writing about product specification.  

How to create Products Cards on Twitter: Get started with Twitter product cards here.

Over to you:

You might be thinking that all these tools need technical support to install and work. True. You need some hands-on experience in coding in implementing these tools for your business. This is where we can offer help to kickstart your social selling process. Get in touch with our social media team.