20 Restaurant Websites Doing Amazing Visually

20 Restaurant Websites Doing Amazing Visually

 Here’re 20 websites that say it quickly and say it nicely.  

1. Marie Catribs:

We liked the color combination + the use of fonts. The crisp design helps the users navigate from one page to another very easily. 

2. Olive Garden:

You can see the apt use of images in this site with a zoom-in feature. The navigation is super. 

3. Veda:

The tagline is self-explanatory. It has a structured menu and a smoother venue locator system.

4. Ruby Tuesday:

The user sees all the important information at the first – the location, menu and the bar. In the age of diminishing attention span say it quickly and nicely isn’t an option anymore; it’s a necessity. And Ruby Tuesday has implemented it.  

5. PizzaExpress:

Neat and clean design. And yes, nice images.

6. Culinaria:

This isn’t a restaurant but a catering service provider. We added it to the list because we liked the simple design and how easily we could gather all the important information in a jiffy.   

7. Yeah Burger:

A perfect blend of creativity and user-friendliness. 

8. Nuevo:

Amazing design with vibrant and lively images.  

9. MaxBrenner

The winner of 2014 Webby Awards, this chocolate-themed restaurant uses the right color, font and navigation system.  

10. McDonalds:

It features a unique navigation menu on the left hand side. Also, the GIFs effectively tells what’s it like to eat McD food!  What a great way to showcase happy customers.  

11. Aqua Italia

Again you can see some great utilization of food images in the design with a clear and concise menu. 

12. San Diego Brewing:

This website has a great navigation menu. 

13. Hunan Gourmet: 

We loved the vintage touch!

14. Spring Hill

A clear design with image slider on the left and a navigation menu on the right.

15. La Masa Mimatta:

Creative design with a clear navigation menu.

16. Daimu:

Amazing food images. Moreover, the dominant color is orange, which is stimulating to the  appetite.

17. Charlie Browns

Includes a big slider with proper use of high quality images. The locations are added to a single page with an option to filter based on city. Also the menu is very well laid out. 

18. FIG

The design is clean and clutter-free. The designers have used images brilliantly in the website.

19. Giannis Steakhouse:

The homepage features a video. They have compiled multiple things in their video which includes the owner speaking about the resaturant, cooking process, bar, food + more. In the inner pages they have used bigger images.  

20. Shakeshack 

Neat and clean design. The color green also represents their eco-freindly way of operating their business. They use 100% all-natural Angus beef, vegetarian fed, humanely raised and source verified. No hormones or antibiotics – EVER. Every Shack recycles all bottles and plastics, whether you sort or we do the sorting post-collection. It’s the most efficient way to make sure ZERO recyclable material ends up in landfills.