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SEO Friendly or Marketing Ready CMS

First Things First: Look at the credibility of ours, here is the CEO's Linkedin link  We work for large clients: HP, Aditya Birla, ABP &Tata Group + more. We work for industry leaders: NASSCOM, TiE, Ad-tech + more. We work for VC funded companies like IVIZ, Data Resolve, CISOPlatform. And then we work for growing MSMEs (100s of them per month). We are process-oriented because good NPS (CSAT) can't be left for chance. Our process leader, who's an ex PwC head, tracks every single KPI. We have over 300+ people who are working under one roof to get you the best return. There is no harm in talking to us, understanding why we have left everything to fix one problem, "DIGITIAL SUCCESS".  We live and die for it, BTW.

We are market leaders. We are thought leaders. We are passionate about DIGITAL and are keen learners of DIGITAL. 

Goal: "You don't need a website, you need a website that helps you achieve your business goals". A website that gives you a competitive marketing edge along with a custom identity. We worked for last 1 year and spent over $20,000 to give a fully marketing ready (SEO friendly) CMS for $1299 (Special price for limited time, we charged our other clients over $10,000 for the same Ecommerce as it was 100% developed afresh). Now take the advantage of the same code base (even better as we did more work on it). Talk to us for all features. (No risk at your end, 100% money back if you not 101% excited). 

Custom Design SEO friendly 100% Marketing Ready
Scalability Backup Best Practices
100% Tracking Content versioning & Much much more
More than you can ask for.

Talk to us for all features

Fully SEO Friendly aka Marketing Ready CMS

We are in this industry for the last 10 years. We worked on our own websites, created our own architecture, development amazing web applications (were one of the main competitors to Google Analytics in 2005). Since 2009, we started working for SMEs and we realized following:

  1. Website was a big bottleneck for most of the businesses
  2. Most of the SEO budget was going in correcting the structural part of website. SEO becomes much easier and stronger. We used the same CMS to achieve great results for our website
  3. Without advanced features like Social Shares, Landing pages, A/B versions of pages etc marketing was getting limited to very average. 

The reality: It is not possible to create such an advanced CMS without investment and most of the SMEs were not ready to invest such big money (and rightly so). Talk to us for all features.

We took a big stand, invested on a full features CMS on right architecture

(Same code base Drupal is used by large websites like,,,, & 1000s of websites). We have have same features on wordpress, wordpress having a 55%+ market share, it is easy to use, many growing companies prefer wordpress over Drupal, we will analyze and let you know what Technology stack is better for you.
SEO friendly CMS

We invested over $20,000 for a fully marketing ready CMS and over $40000 for fully marketing ready Ecommerce. Our strength was in understanding the core marketing needs of any CMS. What we did:

  • Took the best code base for CMS. We tool Drupal as the base which is used by,,,,, & 1000s of websites.
  • Added all the best practices of a very high end website like Code version backup, Caches, Alpha/Beta and main website, Virus attack backup.
  • Added all the best practices of marketing including tracking, social media integration etc
  • All features one need including photo galley, video gallery
  • Some of advanced SEO features like "Auto 301 redirection", The best XML sitemap for better crawling, Canonical Tags, Multi Titles (basic keywords, meta descriptions) etc
  • Easy management: Create new forms, multiple type of pages is easier, drafting, spell check, WYSIWYG.
  • & Much more (Its worth more than $20,000)

Talk with us for all features

We did not stop at CMS development

There are many who have developed some version of GREAT CMS but we did more:

  • We realized that you need to have more understanding of CMS (and website management), we create a knowledge base and education pack.
  • We follow up, we help you get it right. Our goal is not to give you a CMS, our goal is to help you use it for best returns from your marketing activities.
  • We added more than what you will ever ask for. We are the experts, we know what you be needing the coming days, we took care of it before you can ask.
  • We took care of Scalability, easy management etc (We developed and started using for ourselves so that we can keep evolving and doing better).

Get in touch with us to know more about fully SEOed TechShu CMS and create a highly crawlable website.