What If Digital Agencies Were Headed By Moms: #MaJaisiDigitalAgency

Happy Mother’s day! As an agency, there will be dozens of Mother’s Day creatives that will be rolled out by TechShu Team. For TechShu Careers, we will do a special post saluting all the mothers behind TechShuians On this day, we thought #WhatIf the digital agencies were headed by our Moms and us as their clients, how would the conversation go, #UnSerious, but, towards the end of the post, don’t forget to read the #Serious Need of #MaJaisiDigitalAgency .Why 2017 needs all agencies to act like mothers for their clients?   

#MaJaisiDigitalAgency - Case 1
#MaJaisiDigitalAgency - Case 2
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(Next is forcefully added by our accounts team 🙂 thus we deleted all the text they said, as we feel we are compensated well, compensated as a mother) On a serious note: Why 2017 needs all agencies to act like a mother to their clients?

Be #MaJaisiDigitalAgency

2017, we have declared it as the prime year for Digital in India. Why we need to behave like a mother to our clients:

  1. Digital is getting a serious businessnext 2 years assuming it to be over 25% of marketing spend, some of us are realizing and some of us are not So it’s important we take digital seriously and plan short term and long term. Things you must keep in mind for long term
    • Asset level strength for long term like Flexibility – How fast can you get your new campaign up and live, Backups – When there is threat, how fast can you recover your data and get back to act etc
    • Enchancers – Branding works very differently on digital, instead of leaving it on the prospect to recall, you can retouch the contacts the right way using a mix of CRM, Loyality Progrmas, Remarketing, automation etc
    • Utility campaigns – How you can build something that can give dividends for connect.
  2. Think Sustainability along with ROI – Long-term planning needs a different outlook. A part of money to be invested on “Invest today, get return this year itself, calculate ROI”, sustainability will come with organic growth either in Search Engine Organic (if your marketing is search intense) or User-to-User Utility Campaigns. 
  3. There is a talent issue at multiple levels, even at clients’ level, it’s important we be frank and explain our apprehension than taking their words as a command, recently when someone asked for a social media pitch, we gave them digital pitch focused on social media, they changed the RFQ to digital. Wrong people at any level is a serious reason for failure, do read our article https://www.entrepreneur.com/author/aji-issac
  4. Address the needs before you address the want: Let’s do this campaign but if you don’t have the infrastructure to hold the connect, it will have a lot of wastage, so invest right. 
  5. Become caring before you show your talent, care is needed to understand each side.
  6. There are no good or bad agencies, the relationship & talking can do wonders, can help you achieve more.
  7. Charge and pay right, it’s wise to invest 10 to get 20 than to invest 5 and lose all. Value the opportunity as much as the risk; now opportunity more than risk. Invest wisely (risk wisely) and capture the opportunity. 

And much more.

Wishing all a happy Mother’s Day. Have a successful digital year.