Public Testimonials

We are shy when it comes to asking Testimonials but we are very happy to receive many public testimonials for our work. Here are some testimonials / recognition that we have received for our work. Our focus is very clear, make digital marketing scalable and predictable.

  • At TechShu, we believe in eating like a bird and pooping like an elephant. As an initiative to share the digital know-how, we conducted digital marketing demystified across major cities of India (including Jaipur, Chennai, and Delhi). When people said “FAR FAR FAR the best training” or tweet their excitement, you know the session was a value-adding one. Also as thought leaders in digital marketing industry, we will be launching www.digitalmarketinguniversity.com soon. 

Also do read our “Shu” Story, What Techshu means

  • We visited Google India HQ Visitas one of the 7 selected advertisers.
  • Government of West Bengal selected Techshu for its Marketing Clinic Stalls for MSME along with ebay and another marketing company. Very proud moment for all at Techshu. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.650113815012335.1073741841.122402857783436&type=3
  • Reputation management for large brands (Huge success): Removing words from Google suggest (at times you get scam, fraud etc with some some company names and individuals because of their past mistakes), removing negative links from Google listing, tracking conversation at run time etc. Our reputation management team has done great for many clients including some large brands. https://www.techshu.com/services/reputation-management
  • Via email for our FB Ads campaigns
    • nothing worked for first 2 months, SEO, PPC on Google, nothing worked. Then FB Ads did all the wonder)
    • “Quite a few things to be excited about: Our website had 11,105 visitors in August – up from the previous average of 3,000 a month! 60% visitors are now coming through the search engines – compared to only 17% in the past! Over 600 leads were collected in August. All the conversion rates are as good as, or even better than, referrals! During May to Aug, a total of 4427 units have been sold from the online leads! That’s at least USD133k in retail value!— (Hong Kong based one of the large publishing Houses. Name not disclosed as per our contract):
  • Via Email For Our SEO work  & results within 4 month of work
    • (Pelletstovepro.net) an ecommerce website dealing with home heating appliances – stove,  based on El Dorado C.A.
    • pellet stove pro
  • #SEOSuccess for a newzealand based incense wholeseller.
  • (On Facebook.com)
    • Loving the work by TechShu Team, our traffic went up by approximately40 – 50% in last two weeks, highly recommend them for digital marketing and kudos to Aji for building such a great team. – CEO & Founder at DataResolve Technologies
    • DataResolve is an IIT Startup with good funding.
  • (On Facebook.com) Thank you Arnab and team TechShu for taking care of our needs so well. You all understood the needs and on a very short notice started the work and completed the first requirement which was very important for us in one of our public events. It reflects concern towards the customers and professionalism. Ujeewan Family Health Center is glad to have selected TechShu as the IT solution provider. Manish Kumar Saraf – CEO & Founder Ujeewan  Family Health Center
TechShu Client Testimonials
  • (On Facebook.com) Aji, you are the best I have seen in Digital Marketing, effective and useful work. Keep it up!-6.By Hari Balasubramanian -Director, Ontrack Systems (Aus) Pty Ltd, Chairman TIE Kolkata Chapter
  • By Hari Balasubramanian (Director, ontrack, https://ivycapventures.com/board-of-advisors.html, Chairman TIE Kolkata Chapter)

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