We still love you – ex-customers & ex-employees

Aji Issac (not verified)

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“Never shall I forget the days I spent with you. Continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours.” ~ Ludwig van Beethoven “I always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh. But I never knew looking back on the laughs would make me cry.”

We’ve always appreciated our clients and employees but in life and business, sometimes we have to move on in different directions hoping for better things. But does different directions mean a complete disconnect? I don’t think we should disconnect just because we disagreed, I don’t think we should disconnect just because we couldn’t make a match. As the above quote says “Never shall I forget the days I spent with you”, we’d shared good memories which are priceless and should be treated with care. We had great times together, we stood with each other when it was tough, we worked hard, we had great feelings for each other but sometimes when we depart, we tend to remember the last conversation that may not have been that great. As a company, as a team, as a person, (I)we appreciate the relationship and the moments. We still love you and will always wish the best for you. As a token of our love, we have come up with an offer for our ex-customers and ex-employees:


We will provide free 3 hours of work every month to every ex-customer for as many months as possible. Would these 3 hours make any difference at all? Read why and how we thought about this offer. There were 2 incidents which motivated me to think about it (By the Grace of God we don’t have too many ex-customers, most of our customers, even the ones who partnered with us during our first month of inception, are still with us and we are very thankful for them for being nice to us)

  • Incident #1: Recently while browsing Facebook, I saw the Facebook page that we created as an experiment for one of our ex-customers. He runs a celebrity website, we did an experiment with the FB fan pages and now after few months I see that the pages are getting loads of participation (making our experiment a true success). We’d created about 50 such FB celebrity communities for the client and now most of the pages have huge number of fans (some pages have 3 thousand+ fans) who participate on regular basis. When I say participate I mean participation without any promotions like FB ads etc. We contacted the client back and offered him our help.
  • Incident #2: Another Facebook event (FB does help us stay connected forever), where I saw that the client’s Facebook (one of our initiatives) is still dull and the client is posting very few news items. In recent times we have done a lot of innovation and discoveries at FB front. I just want to implement a few innovations on the FB front for this client as it will certainly add value to the client’s FB page.

Will 3 hours make a difference?

We spend many hours on different DIGITAL MARKETING INNOVATIONS, many of our innovations help us do things fast like competitor analysis, traffic analysis, Facebook page campaign creations etc. The actions which may otherwise take close to 30 hours (including the learning) can be completed in 3 hours by our team. Also when we take a project we invest a lot of time in analysis, understand the project and the industry (some of the clients who visited our office were surprised to see that we buy books that are related to their industry to learn things, we use their products to understand more about their requirements. You can call us crazy but we feel that’s the way to go). We want to fully utilize the investment we do on projects to provide better ROI for every association. Let’s do the bit we can.


We will wish our ex-employees on their B’days on our TechShu Career page. In future we’ve plans to send some great gifts on their B’days. For now we have decided to send them cards on B’days and other special occasions.