Social Media Marketing for E-Commerce

Social media is no more a choice for businesses. It’s the easiest way to let people know about your brand and to some extent it also may help you getting leads. E-commerce is not an exception. It’s also a great source of traffic. Let’s start with the biggest E-Commerce site of the world. gets 1 billion traffic every month. And 4.55% of it comes from social media. It means more than 40 million people visit from various social networks every month.  

Social media amplifies your content: 

When you have a new product or offer for your audience, social media can ensure a little extra push to make your audience aware of the deal. Look how Amazon does it for their deals.  

Social media engages people: 

Social media is the ideal place, where you can interact with your potential customers. Whenever they post a question or confusion, social networks notify you. There is no need to track different alerts. All you need is, check your notifications once in every hour.  

 By posting engaging posts, Flipkart always manages to generate conversations. Sometimes, they get queries and complaints and sometimes accolades. But they never miss a chance to talk to their customers. 

Social media boosts word-of-mouth: 

People talk about you on social media, depending on how good or bad your services are. All these opinions and experiences are open on the space. According to a Nielson study, 90% people trust product recommendation from people they know. And 70% shoppers rely on any consumer feedback online.  

 So, your potential customers might change their shopping decision based on the experience of their friends and family. Think about it. According to The Conversation Group,  “65 percent of consumers who receive a recommendation from a contact on their social media sites have purchased a product that was recommended to them.”

Social media is an advanced reputation manager: 

 Social media allows you to watch the space 24*7. But only tracking will not do. You need to take prompt action to cope up with any crisis.  Since E-Commerce deals with customers directly, their chance to get user feedback as well as frustration is more than any other industry. If you don’t take the necessary action on time, it may affect your rating and reviews.  

 Snapdeal receives great feedback from their customers, if you check their Facebook page. However, they get a couple of negative feedbacks as well, though very often. Snapdeal quickly deals with such negative buzz and takes it offline as early as possible.  

Social selling? Now possible: 

 Many E-Commerce brands are still confused about social selling. Is it just a myth or can happen for real? Can you really sell your products on or from social media? Well, there are tools that can help you achieve your sales target through social networks. Facebook tab application, Facebook CTA button, multi-product ads, and Pinterest product pins are a few of them.  Ecwid created a dedicated Facebook tab for their products, where their fans can directly shop on the platform. Yes, they can enjoy shopping on Facebook without moving to any the site.  

 Etsy has a strong presence on Pinterest. They use product rich pins, which add some additional attributes to their pins like product description, current price and availability.  

 Facebook recently launched multi-product ads, where brands can showcase multiple products in one ad. Facebook confirmed in their blog, “Product ads are available today in the API through Facebook Marketing Partners and will roll out in Power Editor over the next few weeks.” 

 Facebook introduced 7 new CTA button for pages. E-Commerce brands can use the “Shop Now” option in this area to redirect their Facebook users to their website. These buttons can prove really advantageous for brands. Dollar Shave Club implemented it and the button increased their conversion by 250%.  

 Vat 19 uses their YouTube channel to showcase their products along with a motive to educate their users about them. They have huge followers on their YouTube channel and they get a significant amount of traffic from their YouTube channel.  

 There are hundreds of other techniques that we can implement on social media to accelerate your selling process. However, not every network and method will suit you. Your target audience, their buyer persona and shopping behavior also play a vital role. If you need some help in taking your E-Commerce business to the next level, get in touch with your query. We’ll contact you ASAP.